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Possible Sticky for a Checklist

Just a few days ago I got a recommendation for injury recovery (fish oils), which I realised I hadn’t taken for a week!!

Could we build a checklist of things a bodybuilder can cross-reference against what he’s doing now to ensure he is doing/taking adequately for prevention + healing?

I propose a structure as follows, very loose but a starting skeleton:

Basic Action - Rest/Ice/Compression/Elevation, avoidance or minimisation of aggravating activities;
Intermediate Action - Working around injury/
Advanced Action - Rehabilitative movements inc weights/stretches;

Basic intake - Protein/VitaminC/EPA+DHA;
Intermediate intake - Calcium+Magnesium;
Advanced intake - Cortisone/NSAIDS.

Very smart idea and I think a few stickies is just what this forum needs as people asking about their injuries has most certainly exceeded what can be answered by those who are knowledgeable. I know this site has been a blessing to me when I herniated a disk and by reading Cressy’s articles was able to rehab it back to health.

If I may make a suggestion as well, in addition to your injury prevention sticky I think we need to make a few stickies concerning the most frequent and common injuries covered in a general way(such as shoulder, lower back, knee) which then gets into more specific reasons for said injury(muscle tear, herniation etc…).