Possible Signs of Gyno?

Hey guys. Im on my first cycle. Im doing 250mg twice a week (500mg week) of cypionate. Im 6 weeks in and so far everything has been perfect. Diet and training are on point, im getting stronger and ive gained 23 pounds so far. I gained almost 10 pounds in the first few days however so im going to assume thats water.

My only side effects in 6 weeks are night sweats and feeling hot all the time. No acne or anything however i shower at least twice a day. My mood is totally fine nothing out of the ordinary.

I should start off by saying ive been paranoid about gyno since the start even though I know its somewhat rare. I touch them every day to check haha. I also think it might be important to note i shave my chest every other day and i have hair around my nipples that i shaved recently. So for all i know i could have an ingrown hair.

Today I notice my right nipple is a little sore. Its been about the same all day and of course i cant stop effing touching it to check it so i know that doesnt help. They are not puffy and i dont feel any fat deposits or lumps.

I have arimidex on hand just in case. Im planning on starting it tomorrow if the soreness doesnt improve. Anyone have any thoughts?

Take 0.5mg EOD arimidex starting today for the rest of the cycle.

500mg test a week without using any AI will result in your estrogen being elevated well outside the normal range.

Don’t know if you are getting gyno or not but if you think you are then take some nolvadex 10mg ED for a few weeks whilst you wait for the arimidex to get in your system and start bringing the estrogen down

had liquidex from rui. took 1mg for 2 days. today took .5 and will continue .5 for the rest of the week then sunday continue at .5 eod.

Today my nipples are no longer sore at all. Morning wood also came back this morning.

Also another symptom i didnt think was a symptom is gone. I was very very red (more than usual) but didnt seem totally abnormal since im out in the sun a lot. Well today im like 3 shades lighter.