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Possible Secondary Hypogonadism?

Hi, I’m went to the doctors a few days ago to get my blood work checked out and came back with both low T 6.98 and low LH 1. For years now I’ve been depressed, anxious, I’ve felt less viral and less manly than other men around me. Ive always been a confidently heterosexual male but I’ve almost felt more ‘feminie’ than other guys. If that makes sense. Hell, when I was 18/19 I had a gynomastica in my left breast that was large enough and sore enough that it needed to be removed.

The doctor I saw recently didn’t say anything regarding hypogonadism when we got back my results but from me looking into it on my own, the numbers seeme to point to secondary hypo (low t and low LH ) and my ‘symptoms’ all seem to fit the bill.

I’d really love some input. Honestly if this is an issue I’m just grateful to have some answers as to why I’ve felt the way I have.

Here’s a link for my blood tests.

Your labs don’t make any sense, LH is low and testosterone is 698 ng/dL. You do not have enough tests to determine much of anything, no SHBG, prolactin, E2 sensitive tests. I’ll admit something strange is going on.

You need further testing,

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
FSH and LH together
Estradiol (E2)
LH-Luteneizing Hormone
FSH-Folicle stimulating hormone