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Possible Quad Imbalance?

I’ve been told by a doctor I may have a possible meniscus tear a couple months ago and everything went to shit with due to the virus so it’s hard for me to see a doctor right now. Before this, I was running ICF 5x5 and my knees just felt loose and weak towards 7-8 months running it. I really didn’t think it was a meniscus tear due to there being no pain and I was walking in a “groove or pattern”. My girlfriends sister was asking why I was wearing a knee brace and I told her my problems (Walking weird, knee weakness, wobbly.) She mentioned to me I could possibly have a muscle imbalance. Here’s a pic of my quads, my quads definitely feel like they aren’t at 100% potential and my inner quads look more definitive and just bigger. Any help would be appreciated. I just wanna squat again

Physiotherapy student here. Take what I say with a grain of salt as I am not formerly qualified and do not have large amounts of clinical experience. What I’m telling you is based on current education in physiotherapy.

First of all, how old are you and what background do you have in lifting and athletics?

What is your girlfriend’s sister’s education level?

What do you mean by “walking in a groove?”

What type of doctor did you consult?

What are your plans for ongoing management?

Who said you couldn’t squat? Why can’t you squat?

Now some information you may find useful:

1: Pain and meniscus injury

2/3 of the menisci are vacant of nerves and blood supply, so it’s extremely common for meniscal degeneration to occur without pain

2: Meniscus injury and quad imbalances

I do not know of any data specifically linking meniscal degeneration to quadriceps inhibition, but often times, structural wear-and-tear/damage of the knee can lead to direct inhibition of the quadriceps. However, this direct inhibition usually targets the inner (medial) quadriceps, not the outside (lateral) quadriceps.

3: Weak quads causing meniscus injuries?

Unless you partake in cutting/jumping sports like soccer, rugby, lacrosse etc. it’s highly unlikely “weak” or “imbalanced” quadriceps are the root cause of your injury.

  1. I’m 18, played football in highschool for 3 years. Picked up ICF last Summer.

  2. She’s in college and I don’t know what path she’s on, but it’s in the regard oh physical therapy and rehabilitation.

  3. I feel my legs wanting to groove inwards and out when I walk.

4.General Doctor, I need to see if there’s any way I can see a sports doctor now. He told me to lay off of squats and since my knees feel weak, I know it’s not a good idea to squat. I’ve stopped and they have gotten better.

  1. I don’t have access to a gym, so I’m just doing leg exercises that involve me on my side or back and just lifting my leg up and down controlled and slow. If you YouTube “Bob and Brad Meniscus Tear Exercises” you’ll have a better understanding.

My doctor had nothing to go off of to think it was a meniscus tear. Had an X-Ray and a CT would of been $500. He literally touched around my knee and asked if I had pain and gave me that YouTube video to do.

Your GP did not do his due diligence. Do you have access to a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or exercise physiologist?

What made you go see your doctor in the first place? Was there a specific event you can recall that preceded any of the symptoms you’re having currently

Also I still think it’s unlikely you have a quadriceps imbalance causing significant symptoms, as the quadriceps would not affect Side-to-side stability of the knee

Tight quads, especially tight outer quads, can wreak havoc on the knees. When I got the Rumble Roller it came with a dvd by Jeff Alexander (pretty sure that’s his name) and it was super enlightening. When I’m done with a long session on the quads and stand up and walk, my knees actually will click and clunk a little bit because things have gotten so much looser