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Possible QL Overuse? Fixes?

Hi there there’s and injury I’ve been struggling with for just over 9 months and would like some help.
I am experiencing left lower back pain quite low and lateral enough to be my QL. Furthermore, when bending forware I experience pain in the SI region. When sitting for long periods the pain in my QL is intensified. If I attempt to Squat I feel pain in my SI region and when I deadlift I feel pain in my left QL.

On top of this my left hip if hiked up. My right oblique is less active than my left. Also, My left shoulder is higher than my right shoulder but this may be as a result of less lat development. My right femur is also more externally rotated than my left. Finally, my left leg seems to hyper extend when I straighten my legs.

If you have any idea with whats wrong with me please help me, I’ve looked everywhere!

You’re twisted up bro!

If your hips and glutes are messed up, instead of “hinging” at the hip, you bend and flex your spine to lean over. This is bad. After awhile, your body uses more back (QL) and even less hips, so things get worse.

Get into this 90/90 position for relief. Try to “turn on” your hips, hamstrings and glutes and relax your lower back. Take deep breaths, and try to get “square.”

Then we have to get your glutes strong. Google “Why everyone should sumo deadlift” by Matt Wenning.

This guy fixes guys like you .

My hips were too weak to reach the floor, so I did paused Sumo Deadlifts in the rack, from knee heigh to relearn to use my glutes.

I started with like 95 pounds.

Also, lots of 45 degree back raises for hamstrings

Band Thru Belt Walks for hips

And reverse hyper extensions to stretch and strengthen your lower back.

Could it possibly be my psoas being overactive which is causing a chain of reactions or is it most likely the QL?

Yes, tight psoas! Especially on the right side, twisting your pelvis, hunching you over and making you lean to the right. Slumping right side makes the left side “higher.”

Your poor QL has to work super hard, because your glutes aren’t doing their thing to support you.

You can relax your Psoas in the 90/90 position. Once you can straighten up, the QL should relax too.