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Possible Push/Pull Imbalance

I think I might have a slight push-pull imbalance:
Chin max: bw(145)+100lbs strict. Row max ~120 lbs. Though I think I can do an one arm row with ~80lbs. Max clean (only cleaned about twice in my life): 140lbs. Max curl (barbell): 80lbs (I know, shame on me :frowning: )…And if considered a pull, max dead: 200lbs

Now, for my pushing: max military press: 110lbs. Max bench: 155lbs…but since I stopped when I had a stroke, Around 140. Max skullcrusher (altough I don’t do them anymore due to horrendous elbow pain): 65lbs. Dips: don’t know my max…but I guess around 45 lbs…max front/lateral raise: hardly 25 lbs…

Now I don’t bench and don’t plan to. I only do dips and one arm push-ups on the smith machine.

The idea is that I am great at chins, but I suck at anything that involves pushing…might this hold my pulling back? I read that my tris should be much stronger than my bis,well, they are weaker…might this be why I can no longer do any type of extension with my right hand without horrid elbow pain (nevertheless,I can do any compound pressing movement without pain)?

Should I take a break from chinning (btw, I just started a high volume chinning programme…again…if need be I’ll just do some maintenance or low-rep work though) and do a lot of dips, push-ups and military presses?

Thanks, Vlad

It looks like you have an inbalance in the horizontal push pull with your max bench and max row. Your chins are incredible but I wouldn’t stop training them all together. Lower the volume to maintenance level a specialize in what needs work.

Okay, let me rephrase: are my chances of getting injured increased (and progress slowed) because my bis are much stronger than my tris and my lats stronger than my shoulders (my vertical press is less than half my vertical pull)?

Whatever the fuck :expressionless: I guess I’ll do dips one day and a few days later some military presses. If recovery allows, I’ll be doing some front/side raises and push-ups at home. I’ll keep chinning sessions at about once /5-7 days.