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Possible Pinched Nerve

I have been experiencing pins/ needles and numbness in my thumb index and sometimes middle finger. Occasionally my hand will go numb as well and I have to reposition my arm to get the feeling back. My left forearm is a good deal weaker than it used to be a few weeks ago and on my bent over rows my left side feels weaker. I asked my aunt who told me it is probably a pinched nerve in the upper trap.
Is she right, is it really a pinched nerve? If so what can I do to fix it?

thumb, index and middle finger are all innvervated by the median nerve.

Possible diagnosis could be:
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Peripheral Nerve entrapment (median nerve is compressed at some point)
TOS (brachial plexus may be compressed)
C6 or C7 never root compression

I recommend seeing a chiropractor…sports chiropractor most likely…make sure they are through in there investigation. You want someone who will not only look at your spine, but investigates peripheral issues as well.