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Possible Pec or Bicep Tear?

So I’ve been having chronic pain in my left upper arm and was dismissed by a doc in the past for it but recently saw a regenerative medicine doctor who told me he was convinced I had a pec major tear.

Now that I look there’s a clear deformity in my left pec and axillary area as compared to my right pec

I wanted to get opinions before I seek an orthopedic surgeon to see what your guys’ impressions are since it’s a fairly rare thing even for orthos to see

Here are some more pictures

Some more

What type of movement causes pain?

Go seek an orthopedist. I could tell you that it looks like a pec tear - because it does - but it doesn’t matter what some guy on the internet says. You are looking for another opinion, and that’s great. Get it from a professional. Get an MRI.

Get well, and good luck!


That is definitely a significant pec tear.

The only thing remaining for me to do is do an arthogram and a chest mri.

These weren’t done right away because the first thing they wanted to do was a neck mri and I showed I had nerve impingement in c5-c7 with 2 herniated discs.

I had an elbow and shoulder MRI. The shoulder MRI didn’t show a pec tear but since it’s looking like it’s a sternal tear I probably need an actual chest mri and a in depth arthogram

I have a partial common flexor tendon tear with tendinopathy (tendinosis and tenosynovitis in the bicep insertion point)

I need to figure out the extent of the damage.

The shoulder specialist I saw told me it wasn’t a pec tear but I’ve read a lot of shoulder orthos are not even familiar with them since their uncommon. I literally pointed to the tendon and described the pain but the dumbass just dismissed it.

Why I think there’s a tear

Dropped nipple on the left side
Deformity on sternal head
Axillary tissue and damage in the upper arm
Weakness in arm when I stick it out across my chest and a constant aching pain that only goes away if I use a bicep compression brace to immobilize the upper bicep and axillary area of my arm pit where the tissue is loose.

I don’t remember tearing it, don’t remember pain, or any sort of event but I do remember going to sleep one night and waking up finding my bicep felt numb

You think it’s a complete rupture or just a sternal rupture?

Partial but how partial you will need an MRI to determine. But if you google photos of pec tears you have the classic deformity (very similar to mine). My guess is your tendon is intact and you tore the muscle off of it.