Possible PCT for 6-12 Month DHT Cycle? 18 Yrs Old

Hi everybody I’m 18 years old. I ask you who are experts.
I plan to start a cycle of bioidentical DHT exactly 12mg of daily DHT in a topical formula for a period ranging from 6 months to 1 year.
I would do so because I suspect a slight hypogonadism, I have a volume of balls of 9ml and 10ml, a penis of 13.5cm, very little beard, no hair on the chest and voice not too low and I have suffered from chronic insomnia from 14 to 16 years.
I have consulted 2 - 3 endocrinologists but they say I am a bit below standard but I have nothing wrong. I have just had hormone blood tests and I am waiting for the results.
I have read and heard from some experts and it would seem that DHT taken in doses not too high at my age can help in the development of general and genital organs because at my age androgen receptors on the penis can still be active.
The question is how harmful can this cycle be? Could I restore my normal homeostasis after a cycle like this?
I would be willing to suffer a slight suppression of HPTA since in theory there are more or less effective post-cycle therapies.
Thanks really to everyone who will answer.

Slight hypogonadism… wait until you get your bloods back then make a post in the trt section. All a cycle will do for you is shut you down, even if it accentuates your secondary sexual characteristics, you will be shut down post cycle and if you truly have hypogonadism you would recover to at or slightly below your baseline testosterone levels and feel it’s as shit if not worse. Dihydrotestosterone topical is called Andradactim or something like this (note this isn’t a brand or company in case a mod sees this, I think that’s the generic name for DHT in a gel, but I could be wrong). Most men produce between 5-15 mgs of test daily, the amount that converts to DHT is different for every man but it’s typically 5-7 percent conversion rate therefore I would assume (if you are actually getting 12mgs absorbed), you would be using quite a bit of DHT. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible for the growth of penile tissue, seminal vessels, scrotal tissue during puberty, it is also partially responsible for the growth of body and facial hair and many areas on the body have high concentrations of 5-ar reductase tissue like the prostate and scalp (DHT induced hairless etc). Dht is the 5-AR reduced form of testosterone, it is broken down by the 3 hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme rendering it inactive in muscle tissue, plus muscle tissue doesn’t contain lots of 5-AR, therefore if it is gains you are looking for you will be dissapointed. A testicular volume of 9 and 10 Ml is far below normal for your age, average adult testicular size is 15-30ml you very well may have hypogonadism, most endocrinologists are unbelievably uneducated when it comes to hypogonadism and trt, many won’t treat you unless you have a TT of below 200 which is absurd, you need to find a doctor that knows his knees from his knackers to get adequate TRT. I hope you are in the US and not the UK or AUS, because in the USA it’s far easier to find decent treatment for low T, if I were you I’d open up a thread on the T replacement section and ask for some guidance (I also scour the T replacement thread so I am happy to give any advice). How is your libido? Do you have issues with fatigue or lethargy during the day, how about muscle mass or muscle tone? I’m not sure why you included your penis size, from what you put in it seems normal, but that’s a little bit too much information, penis size isn’t that important, as long as about how you use it that counts. Most men’s penises stop growing during puberty, I’ve heard andradactim can slightly enlarge the penis if it is applied to the genitalia daily for a while however I don’t believe in penis enlargement aside from surgery and androgen treatment in young children with micropenis, I highly doubt it would work for a fully grown adult or most teenagers say above the age of 16

I’m Italian anyway. I have just done hormone blood tests and I am waiting for the results. I don’t have problems with libido, on the contrary I have easy erection, problems with tiredness during the day I have if I sleep for less than 8 hours, I am thin and I put mass easily but I lose it just as easily.

I am currently using 2-3 mg daily from 4 days of topical dht because he explained to me that androgens in very low doses like 2-3mg help to increase homeostasis and do not suppress.

What do you think about it?

I’ve been suffering from chronic insomnia for 14 to 16 years and I don’t know how harmful it has been to my testicles.

I’m also quite a nice guy, I’m 1.78 tall. I’d do everything to increase my size a bit, it’s true my penis will also be in standard but it’s always nice to have a bigger penis.

I am very pleased that you wrote to me.

Who is he? Very low doses of androgens may not shut you down but are still mildly suppressive, taking androgens in a cyclic fashion for hypogonadism won’t restore homeostasis.

Update, the test to see if low DHT doses are suppressive or instead increase your homeostasis without negative feedback.
I took 2.8 mg DHT daily for 4 days but I stopped because from day 3-4 I started feeling like a painful left testicular varicocele, the problem lasted about a week and then passed luckily.
I have just received my pre and post hormonal blood tests from this experiment with DHT. Pre tests count all values (cortisol, prolactin etc.) except testosterone, while post tests (after 2 days i stopped DHT) count only LH, FSH and Test.
That is the comparison.
Pre DHT LH 4.4 , FSH 2.0
Post DHT LH 3.5 , FSH 2.1
Based on the comparison we would say that DHT in low doses like 2-3 mg for me is suppressive giving negative feedback on LH and probably also on the Test even though I can not compare then unfortunately, and so DHT does not help instead the internal homeostasis. right?
tell me your thanks.
I am now taking Vitamin D3 (5000 ui) and Magnesium daily to give a minimum of recovery.