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Possible on Full Body Program?


I am trying to outline s a simple program for a friend of mine and could use some input. I will start off by saying I am not looking to start a split v.s. fullbody thread. Personally I believe that splits are better when the goal is to get as big as possible and because I find it hard to really hit a muscle group and moving on to another without feeling drained. However my friend plays basketball on weekends and like myself at the time finds it hard to play his best when his shoulders or legs are still very sore.

So I was wondering if maybe a fullbody or some type of upper/lower split would work and how much growth could one expect. His stats are 5'10, 145 lbs, he does not really have muscle mass a bit of chest and abs but, who wouldn't at 145lbs.


rippetoes 5X5. or something like that.
squats and milk


Upper/lower split would probably work great for him, if he is willing to train 4 days a week. Joe DeFranco trains lots of elite athletes using a Westside format, read up on his web site and post up a routine here or in the strength sports form if you're having trouble:

The "growth one could expect" is mainly based on how much he eats. Since he is playing basketball as well, he'll probably have to eat more than others.




If your friend cannot make it to the gym at least 3 times a week, then TBT or an upper/lower body split may be a better option. Possibly an A and B type rotation. Mon - Upper body
Wed - Lower body
Fri - Upper body
Sat - Off
Sun - Off

Following week:
Mon - Lower body
Wed - Upper body
Fri - Lower body
Sat - Off
Sun - Off


Rippetoe's and eating. Run it to up his numbers on the big lifts and his weight then reevaluate after 3-4 months.