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Possible NEW T-Movie....!!!

Hey, many of you know I love movies. So, I’m doin’ a public service here. Posting a bit from the very first review of - Spider-Man! Check it out:

"That said, when Willem Dafoe is working, the movie kicks into a gear that I’m not sure I can even appreciate after a single viewing.  While he’s not as moviestar flashy as Nicholson’s Joker, Dafoe may have created the best comic book villain ever to appear in one of these movies.  He isn’t just collecting a check here.  He’s acting.  He has these great little beats that seem to be improvised.  (He makes the word “oh” and the phrase “It’s cold” into great movie moments.)  He has some schizophrenic monologues that are pitch perfect… even though they seem like they belong in some other movie.  And he and Rosemary Harris, in just seconds of screen time, turn in a creepy, sexy, funny sequence that happily reminded me more of Norman and Mother than of Norman Osborne and Aunt May."

Now, it will take ALOT to make me put Terrence Stamp as Zod (Superman 2) as second on the list of "All-Time" Comic-Movie Villains - but Dafoe is a bad-ass actor!

T-Peoples: May 3rd is mere weeks away! Am I the only person looking forward to this flick?

Actually, I’ve only seen the ads on the tube, and from what I’ve seen there, I’m not too impressed. I really liked the Spiderman cartoons long time ago. But from the ads it seemed like they were trying too hard. when he was landing and taking off from buildings and such, it looked like Spidey was distorting, like it was animated (I’m sure it was). I think it would have looked better using a real actor and special effects. But then again, I’ve only seen the ads a couple times. I may be wrong.

Spider Man, Spider Man, does whatever a spider can, spins a web, any size, catches thieves, just like flies…


You’re not the only one. I’ve been waiting for this one since last year. And I can’t wait for X-Men 2!!! I love superhero movies! Much better than the old Christopher Reeves Superman movies!

Okay - movie studios send the theater chains a list of upcoming releases and what trailer will be included “in the can” with these movies.

The trailer listed for SW2: Attack of the Clones is:


If anything, the BEST reason to see the movie. Well, in my humble opinion. Just doin' my "public service". ;-) Patricia

spiderman cartoon on fox was good, hopefully its similar.

I don’t like the choice of the Toby guy to play Spiderman. He seems like too much of a pussy to me.

I can’t wait to see that super-hottie Kirsten Dunst as a red-head. VA VA VA VOOM!!

Patricia - Nice thread! It’s been 20 years since my Marvel
Comics days. I thought the X-men movie was pretty cool; hope
Spidey will be even better. I can’t wait…count me in!

When I was a kid, (between ages 10-19), I had boxes full of Spider-Man comics, as well as The Hulk, Fantastic 4, X-Men, Ironman, Luke Cage Powerman, Silver Surfer, Captain America, Thor, etc...

My all time favorite comic, the one I truly would love to see come to the cinema is... "ADAM WARLOCK!" (Not sure if you're familiar with that one?) The Original art work by Jim Starling was EXTRAORDINARY! The storyline, quite meta- physical in nature, might be likened to The Matrix on steroids! WAY COOL!

Yes, I remember Adam Warlock! And that was some of Starling’s best work! I have four boxes of comic books. I also have mid to late 70’s X-Men. Y’know when John Byrne, Terry Austin and Chris Claremont were DA TEAM of Comics.

Oh, and another bit of news: Paramount is begining to unleash "on the set" info of what's going on with Star Trek 10. And the stuff is sounding REALLY good. Along the lines of "First Contact" and "Wrath of Khan". VERY curious.

Ya, I’m really curious to see what the new spider man movie will be like. As far as the x-men movie, I was really dissapointed with the actor chosen to play wolverine. Hugh Jackman (I think?) did a great job, but physically he did’nt meet my expectations. Wolverine was a short, stocky, hypermuscular, canadian badass. Why did they choose an actor with a men’s health model build, to play the part. I’m sure some actor would have been willing to juice up for the part. Maybe Jackman will do a cycle or two before x-men 2.

What upset me about the X-Men movie first of all is that Wolverine wasn’t juiced up, but then from what I remember from reading all the Wolverine comics up until they had the shit where he lost his claws, was that they got the story all wrong about Sabretooth, and meeting the X-Men. Eh, I guess creative fucking around.

When Wolvie slammed the hick against the bar, and then turned {in a snarl} to cut the shotgun … I was sold. THAT was Logan’s face. Sure, he was too tall. But the snarl! Wow. Loved it.

BTW: I’m hearing rumors about a daredevil movie … Ben Affleck starring.

PPS: Kirsten Dunst … grrrrr

PPPS Mila was uber-hot in Resident Evil.

Okay - the lowdown on Daredevil. Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Jennifer Garner (Alias) as Elektra. Michael Clark Duncan as The Kingpin. Jon Favreau (Swingers) as Foggy Nelson. Great cast, folks (except I’m skeptical for Ben). Shooting is beginning soon. More: Yes, a Spider-Man sequel is already in the works. Script writers have been assigned. The Hulk is being shot right now, as we speak in Berkley, CA. There’s a WHOLE bunch of movie stuff going on, too! And all good!

I’m Excited!!! I play the movie preview everyday on my PS2. The last thing that got me this excited was Metal gear solid 2. I would like to see a daredevil movie (as long as it’s a frank miller script) and I do see ben affleck as the boring alter ego (but I still don’t like him), I can’t see michael clarke duncun as kingpin. Nothing against him as I like him, but wasn’t kingpin a 400lbs white guy?

Yes, The Kingpin was white and bald. So what if Michael Clarke Duncan is black and bald? He tested for the part and got it. And Elektra is Greek- but Jennifer Garner is not. But I still think that part of the casting is strong.

The kingpin may have been white and huge but from what I have read about him most of his size comes from muscle. even though he is huge i think he is supposed to be quite agile and adept and hand to hand combat so it makes sense to have a large muscular person playing him, even if he is black instead of white. i think michael clark duncan will be fine for this. if anyone saw “The Whoe Nine Yards” where he played a hitman/organized crime type you’ll see why i think he’ll be good.

Well hell, they should have made Daredevil a girl. Or have an Peurto Rican Matt Murdock. Come on, this is a major villian here. You can’t just totally change the race of the friggin Kingpin. I already hate this movie. Ben Afflicted will bomb. I’ll see Spiderman, fine. But, not Star Wars 2 or DD.

If they are going to use a black man for the Kingpin character they should consider Suge Knight for the role. I saw him on Howard Stern’s E! show a few weeks ago and, damn! I don’t know if he works out or what but he had to have the widest friggin’ shoulders of anybody around. He was an easy three feet wide and gets my vote for a perfect Kingpin!

ANOTHER review online:

SpiderManHype.com posted an advance review of the movie from someone who attended a screening held in New York City last evening. "This film was awesome, and Sam Raimi really delivered," wrote the reviewer. "In a nutshell this film works on many levels.. the kids in attendance loved it, the die hards loved it, and the uninitiated in the audience were thouroghly entertained, as witnessed by the cheers of applause when the film ended. And it has enough romance to make it a great date flick, not to mention it's chock full of action!!"

Consider this another Public Service Announcement.....