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Possible new cycle


Hey everybody.

This is what i've been tossing around for a next cycle, either sometime this summer, or next fall. I know the opinions here towards deca, but its a fairly good drug in this case (low toxicity, steady gains, etc.)

Here goes:
Wk 1,2
1200mg deca / 1000mg test
Wk 3-8
600mg deca / 500mg test / 40mg dbol ed
Wk 9-12
600mg deca / 500mg test / 450 mg primo
Wk 12-14
Continue primobolan as bridge
Wk 14
Begin recovery protocol 40mg tamoxifen/day for 2 weeks, followed by 20mg/day for 2 more weeks.

This cycle would also incorparate Letrozole as anti-e and to keep water retention down (not something i am overly suceptible to though). HCG would be used 500mg on Sat/Sun starting on the 3rd weekend.

The test i am likely going to use is Sustanon as i like it and i have access to a good quality product. The one thing i am considering is instead of using the primobolan for a bridge using a test propionate. I would also consider using EQ instead of deca, but the cycle structure would have to be altered somewhat to account for the very long halflife. I have also read that EQ and dbol are not necessarily the best drugs to stack.

Now... I am not a competitive BB. I agree this is a fairly intensive cycle and would like to know what everybodys opinion is. I'm currently at ~250lbs, 12%bf, and i'm 6'3". Goals are to continue to continue with mass gains, and avoid getting too soggy. Mitigation of side effects is of concern to me. So what is everybody's take? Too ambitious and not worth the sides? I've used deca before without an undue ammount of trouble, but never for this length of cycle.

The other option i like is doing my current cycle over again. It was tren 75mg/ed, Winstrol 100mg/ed, test 1000mg/wk for 8 weeks and i experienced good results.



**the hcg is measured in iu, not mg.


The deca and equipoise have simmilar halflives, I would say the deca is slightly longer but both are pretty long!


Also: front load the primo in week 9, and at the same time discontinue the deca.


I like Deca but would only consider using it if I was using more test than Deca. I use the ratio 2:1 and have not experience what others have, however when I used more deca than test the sides became obvious and recuperation was quite slow. Why are you doing such a long cycle?


I already decided against it actually. It was just something i wanted to hear peoples thoughts on but i agree that an ambitious cycle like this is best reserved for the pros. I posted the most likely next cycle for me under the "Current Cycles" thread.


I'm just wondering why you don't run the dbol from the beginning? Most people like to have the fast acting orals right from day one before the long lasting injectables really kick in...


Well, i only like to run dbol for 6 weeks, and i think there would be more of a synergistic effect between the dbol and the deca once the deca has really kicked in and is doing some serious class 1 work.

Bit of a moot point anyway i'm putting this cycle on the shelf.