Possible MCL Tear?

Hey guys, so about two weeks ago I suffered a pain in my knee. I was doing legs and on the last set of squats I got upset that I didn’t hit a pr and dropped my weight down to 225 and repped out as much as I could pretty fast. Since then I got an x ray done that has shown that my patella was dislocated. Anyway I moved it around and got it back in place, but I think that I also tore my mcl a little bit. If I push down on the spot in the picture I feel a little bit of pain. This pain also comes in when I extend my leg and flex as hard as I can. This is my left leg on the inside of my knee.

Easy test easy life. YouTube “MCL knee test” and have ur mum help you out.

Positive test for MCL injury is pain, excessive movement or giving of way.

If negative there’s plenty more structures that could be the source of your symptoms.

Next time don’t do stupid shit in the gym

I totally know what your talking about, I did something stupid and the one time I did it fucked something up. But I’ve tried the test and it didnt turn positive. I just cant understand what it is and the MCL tear seems like the best fit. I mean I squatted 315 in the gym yesterday and it didn’t bother me but I just don’t want to be toting the line between healthy and really tearing something.

That’s usually how it works lel

So much so the simple option. Either you performed the test incorrectly, bit hard by yourself, and didn’t stress the MCL at all, the injury is so minor as to be negligible or MCL is not the source of your symptoms. He latter sounds the most likely but can’t discount the test being done incorrectly considering your history of doing stupid things lel.

That’s a really good sign then … that you can squat without issue. Injuries that spontaneously or are getting better on their own tend to regress to the mean and heal successfully. Since the onset a fortnight ago does that more or less describe the course of your symptoms: Getting better?

If so I would advise minimum 3 weeks in a knee support or patellar stabilising brace and cautiously returning to activity and monitoring your symptoms e.g. pain and swelling. Also watch out for redislocation, knee locking and stiffness For example a minor strain or tendinous injury would not require anything special. Tho unlikely in your case, symptomatic meniscus injury or other cartilaginous injury will require addressing. After a dislocation you become more susceptible to redislocation so watch out for that too.

Just to clarify you did not see a doctor or medical professional before/during/after your patella was dislocated? You got a X-Ray which showed your knee cap was dislocated/subluxed and it more or less returned to the correct position on its own. Sound about right?

Tho its back where it belongs now (probably… compare your knees just in case lel) even a small shift in position can stretch, disrupt and damage structures about your knee. Swelling and other symptoms on the inside of the knee is common as this area and the structures within it are most affected.

Normally I would recommend a period of immobilisation post knee dislocation but you seem to be doing alright/too ill disciplined to comply. There is a higher risk of redislocation tho especially without proper rehab. Pls refer to your friendly neighbourhood physical therapist/physiotherapist for further assistance.