Possible Low T?

Hey guys, i think i mite have a problem with Low T and i’m looking at getting it tested with the next week or so.

I’ve always had a problem with being over weight and developed gyno in my early teens.

-height 5’10
-waist 40’’ (at belly button)
-weight 220
-describe body and facial hair - hariy chest, stomach, lower arms and lower legs, patchy on shoulders, no hair on back. Can grow full beard, male pattern baldness is present,

-Carry fat mainly around waist, hips and upper legs.
-No health conditions
-Never had any OTC drugs, used ECA sporadically for a few years/
-lab results with ranges. Not yet tested.
-describe diet, Currently carb cycling. 6 days low 1 day high.
-describe training 5-6 times a week, mainly weight training, little cardio.
-testes ache, only sometimes when using ECA stack.
-Erections every morning, been the same for as long as i can remember.

Sex drive quite low, maybe the ‘need’ occurs once a week. Although i can easily perform if i need to to.

I seem to have a hard time losing weight and gain weight very easily (fat)

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Before you go and get the blood tests read the stickies. Write some notes on what tests to ask for and why.

The more you can get right away the easier and better for you. Nothing worse than having to go back getting a couple tests you might have missed to get a better picture.

I don’t understand what u mean.

[quote]Marzouk wrote:
I don’t understand what u mean. [/quote]

lol what is there to not understand? Pretty clear post, IMO…

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

[quote]Marzouk wrote:
I don’t understand what u mean. [/quote]

lol what is there to not understand? Pretty clear post, IMO…[/quote]

Will these test cover it?

Total Test
Free/bioavailable test

If only there was a stickey for this exact question…

^^^ found the sticky, read it.

I was only asking because i was looking for some advice on my personal situation going off the info earlier in the thread, if any one had an opinion weather or not this could be low T or not

Yes it could be, but it could also be many other things…let’s discuss further once you’ve gotten your bloodwork back…

Cool, im guna organise with the local lab to see what i can get done!