Possible Low T at 21?

Hey everybody. Within the last 6 months my energy levels have dropped quite a bit and my sex drive is really shitty, im living with my girlfriend now and normally we would be fooling around multiple times a week and now its like once every 2 weeks. I just don’t get the urge like i used too.

I dont know if this is due to my busy work schedule (working 10-12 hour days, 6 days/week) but its really killin me. I cant even seem to finish when we have sex, i make it half way and then i start losing my wood! It sucks! My attitude is also different than it used to be, i get irritated easly when asked a question more than once and stuff like that. I sleep 8 hours every night and eat/drink water constantly throughout the day.

Im in the gym 5 days a week after i finish work but i cant seem to make any good gains. Im thinking my test might be low, what do you guys think? Im only 21 so low T shouldnt be a problem right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Note: i attached a pic of myself on a non training day this week and another from last winter, i do all low rep heavy weight workouts and eat about 3000 calories/day but havent gained any mentionable weight in the last 6 months. I would think i should have a better build by now.

Hight: 5’ 6"
Weight: 155 lbs
Years training: 3

I say get your levels checked if you are really worried, but in all likelihood you are now a domesticated man who is working too much, and not resting enough and all of life’s stressors are getting to you. Hell moving in with a girl can kill a bunch of the anticipation so make sure you are happy with that decision!!! Be honest with yourself when you look at your life and the things that are bugging you - its easy to think it has to be low T when it is really everything else. Good luck to ya

You need these labs:
-LH/FSH - very important
– if low, test prolactin [ no sex for a few days prior]
— if prolactin elevated, get a MRI to see if there is a pituitary adinoma

  • IGF-1 to detect if GH low
    -cholesterol - concern is that could be too low

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    – explains medical terms
    – consider the possible causes of your condition, low T is a symptom

Any blows to the head 6 months or so ago?
List any meds, Rx or OTC [over the counter]
You do not look like a guy would be messing with hair loss drugs

You are a low T type guy and are not very virilized. You were doing OK, but something has now lowered your T or is interfering with your normal response to T. Any experiments with steroids, prohormone or testosterone boosters? Those can be unhappy experiments.

We see quite a few guys with hormone problems like yours at your age group. Probably quite rare in the general population, young guys with these problems get on the WWW and land here, creating an apparent large population issue.

Meanwhile, eat healthy fats and do not over train. If you are not using iodized salt, toss out the sea salt and get iodized and read the thyroid basics sticky. Also get EFA’s, essential fatty acids.

You will not gain weight with high reps and your over training may be a cause or contributor to your issues.