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Possible knee problem

I was reading back through the old issues and re-read some on knee problems. In one it said that you might have a knee problem even if there is no pain but something just doesn’t feel right. …

Well my right knee has been acting a little weird lately. It just feels sloppy or something. I can’t really pinpoint it because it isn’t a constant thing, just when I move certain ways. I think it is most noticable when I move side to side.

I am a volleyball coach (boys HS) and regularly play along with my kids. and while I don’t remember doing anything to it I am an old gym class hero so I fling my body around quite a bit.

Is this something I should just rest up on for a week? Or should I take it a little more seriouse? I have never had a knee problem before so I am a little concerned.


Ugh, a knee injury!

I have been blessed with several knee injuries from different sources.

Knee weakness like you described has happened to me playing soccer or hockey; in soccer I got run over and ended up with a fairly serious injury, in hockey, I caught an edge on the ice from a strange angle and felt a “plink”. I feel the plink was a “tweaking” of my tendons. After this occurred, I noticed that I didn’t feel “sure” on that knee for a while. I took about 2-3 weeks off from exercise and it was fine after that. I guess that is what you mean by sloppy? I noticed it didn’t feel like I could place a lot of stress on it. If you are walking that is a good sign :).

I think I can say from my own experience if it was anything other a mild “tweaking” its likely you would have moderate fluid buildup in your knee and ankle and you would experience quite a bit of swelling and pain. The fact you don’t have this would lead me to believe that you have a very mild injury that will heal if you lay off of it for a few days.

Having more than my fare share of joint injuries and coached many a sprinter, I can tell you that I have felt the same “sloppiness” that you describe before. It has always occurred in my knees and always after some activity that involved ballistic movements. Your volleyball playing would definetly fall into that category.
In my unqualified experience it has been a slight strain of the supporting ligaments in the knee,posterior tendons and connective tissue of the hamstring and quadriceps muscles. Mine were caused by a sudden, explosive movement done once or numerous times without proper conditioning. Of course it has also happened after a freak movement, like slipping on ice.
Rest, ice, and a compression sleeve for above the knee or brace for the knee itself have always helped me to rehab my knee. The rest and ice help to heal the sore structure. The sleeve takes the strain off the leg muscles so they can heal, the brace does the same for the knee ligaments and connective tissues.
If excessive swelling or loss of control of the knee continous, regardless of pain, you should really consult a physician. As you may have suffered a miniscus or partial cruciary ligament tear.