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Possible Issue with Training Regime


Hi Folks,

I have been doing the starting strength program now for 1 month and i have to say i am loving it. I have been doing the program on Mon/Wed/Fri while on Tue/Thur i have been doing an HIIT session of sprints for fat loss.

So far this routine has been working well as my weight has been staying the same but my waist is getting smaller so i must be putting on muscle :slightly_smiling:

However this week we started pre-season rugby training which is every Tue/Thur but because it incorporates a lot of sprinting it pretty much covers my HIIT session. but it also includes a few routines which have a bucket load of press ups in them to the point of me having to stop doing them the proper way and move onto my knees to continue them. and in the end my arms, shoulders and chest is knackered.

Considering this, am i still OK to continue with the heavy weight program on Mon/Wed/Fri? as i don't want to stop increasing my strength while i am training but i also don't want to over train and then not see any benefits for my effort.

Oh BTW when i started the SS program it was the 1st time i was actually lifting weights in the gym rather than doing crappy classes, so it is safe to say i am a complete beginner.

Thanks in advance



Only you know if you are overtraining or not. It seems that every new lifter thinks that it’s some magical line that once you cross it, some unexplained doomish shit storm is going to come raining down on your head.

Chances are, yes, rugby training may affect your strength gains. The program was designed to be done without any other strenous physical activity, especially other strength/strength-endurance activities.

Are you still adding weight to the bar? This is the sign that you are not over-training. If your reps/weights keep dropping, then yes, you probably are over-training on your current diet/recovery.

Try eating alot more. I mean, ALOT more. Get AT LEAST 8 hours sleep a night. Try foam rolling, massage, contrast baths, anything else to help your recovery along.

If you continue to drop weight/reps, then drop back to weight training two days a week. I personally do this to fit around my TMA training. Yes, the strength gains are slower. But you have to prioritize.

Also- I think ws4sb has a version for in-season training. Check it out.