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Possible Injury, What Next?


Wednesday I went to the gym. The workout consisted of bench, upright rows, and bent rows.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened. I did not have the bar drop on my chest, nobody elbowed me, I didn't run into a cute chicks overwhelming bosom. (honest)

So I get home, eat and sit on the couch and after maybe an hour or so I realize that it hurts like a mofo to breath deeply. I chalk it up to muscle cramp, drink some water, and catch some zzzz.

Well, it's now Sunday night it hasn't gotten any better. It hurts to laugh, burp, and generally breath more than ~25% of my lung capacity.

I'm guessing torn cartilage maybe?? What a pain in the ass.


Possible injury? What is left to question? 4 days later and you are still having trouble breathing, this sounds like a definate injury my friend.

I think a good general rule is to give something a week and if it is not improving, get it checked out. However, because this affects your breathing, you have a need to be more concerened.

Without knowing more, the first thing that pops into my mind is strained intercostals (the tissue connecting your ribs). A worst case scenerio is a spontaneous pnemothorax. Big word, but what it means is that air leaks into the space surrounding your lungs. Not likely that this is what you have, but if it is, this is serious.

If it were me, I'd go to the doctor as soon as possible. Than again, I am in the army and I get free medical coverage (you get what you pay for, and this is a medic saying it).

 In the meantime, try icing the area, maybe taking ibuprofen or other NSAIDS, and avoid strenous activity.

 Good luck, keep me posted, I hope everything is well and if nothing else professional curiousity.



Where is the pain at?

Do you have any shortness of breath?

Other than some pain with the chest expansion, are you able to take a full breath?

Sounds alot like an irritated rib articulation.

Take care,




The pain is ~1in. down and to the left of my right nipple.

I'm not exactly sure but I don't think I have what would be described as shortness of breath. I can take as deep a breath as I want...that is until I get a sharp pain in my ribcage. It's hard to judge, but I'd guess I can inhale only 30-40% of my lung capacity before it feels like someone is stabbing me in the chest.

I can deal with the pain. Sure it's annoying as hell, but what's really bothering me is not knowing how I injured myself. I want to know just so I can not do it again.

There's no visible bruising or swelling in the area.

If it is irritated rib articulation, would the treatment be just to take some asprin, ice it, and take it easy?