Possible infection.

Hey guys,
I did some research in the forums and found some info on symptoms of IM infection but still have a couple of questions. I shot 3ccs of some gear in my glute on friday that is known to be quite painful. The pain the first night was almost unbearable, but I treated with NSAIDs and got through the night. I was slightly better the next say (Sat) and has been about the same up to today (Mon). The thing is that today I noticed a large patch of red over the injection site today that I hadn’t noticed before and is very sore. Also, I had very bad flu symptoms the night of the injections but were all but gone by yesterday and I do not currently have fever. My question is, the pain hasn’t gotten any worse and I do not have fever which leads me to believe that this is not an infection, but my next injection is scheduled for tomorrow night and I was hoping this would be feeling better before I went and did another huge IM injection. Are there any definite ways I can tell if it’s safe to do the injection tomorrow? BTW, I am almost 99% sure the gear is sterile, and my injection techniques were sterile as well. I was the biggest needle I’ve ever used (23g) and the most I’ve ever put into my glute before.

Is there a lump? Is the area warm? Is there any discharge? if not, most likely you just have inflammation from the type of steroid and the amount. try using smaller dosages more often, and if you can cut it with sterile oil.

What type of gear was it? Brand, type, exp date, be specific.

It was RSOC Test Butyrate which a few people have been complaining about pain with. I am as certain as can be that it is good, sterile gear. There isn’t a raised lump, but it is ever so slightly warm to the touch. No discharge. I plan on cutting my next inject with sterile oil, and splitting the injection between my glute and quad, but the last thing I need is deep IM injections into my quad and glute with the same gear and syringes that caused a massive IM infection in my other glute. I’m probably just being paranoid because all the other RSOC products I have used have been absolutely painless, but I want to be sure.

if you are using something that many people say causes them much pain, then 3cc’s worth is just going to be more painful. sounds to me like inflammation. anytime some gets inflammed it will be a bit warm. no discharge is good. the fever part is something to worry about though. hopefully it was just a coincedence.

I’ll see how it feels tomorrow and post back here. BTW, That last post was from me on ThaRealest’s laptop, but as a side note, he is running the same gear as me and he had the same pain but his has subsided significantly. Maybe I am just more sensitive to BA.

Either that or you used his second hand dirty syringe. You didn’t do that, did you?

LOL. Of course not. Fresh syringe from package. Swabbed vial with alcohol. Drew up solution. changed to new needle fresh from package. Swabbed injection site with alcohol. Injected.

sounds like a bad reaction bro. cut it next time. i cant preach that enough. it works miracles. nobody on earth should be bitching about painful injections. its senseless. it takes VERY little money and almost no extra effort to cut.


Cutting with Sterile oil comes up a lot. Maybe you should write up a little something and add it to the Steroid Newbie Thread.

Some guys were complaining about RSOCs’ primo hurting and causing flu like symptoms over on the meso board but it turned out it was a couple of guys I believe the Phil kicked off the list. I don’t recall any complaints about the test but he did say he was not doing the buturate form anymore.

They (RSOC) in the list was saying that they had an above average amount complaining about the painful injection so they were dropping it. I have the same thing happen to me with flu like symptoms and all with sust and T 400. I just got used to it. Learned to cut it real fast on my own too. I might be slow in some areas but not that one. No sirreee.

What ratio of sterile oil to gear do you guys usually use to cut with?

1:1 for really painful shit like t 400, sust, prop

I think that Phil was just sick of people bitching about his primo. He admits to putting a bit of extra BA in the product… this is because it is twice the dosage as a normal primo product (or perhaps some other reason I don’t know about). Either way, you need to rotate some injection sites bro… i would do 1cc quad, 1cc delt, 1cc glute instead of 3 in ANY spot. If you don’t have the pins for it… 1.5 cc in 2 spots. You can’t keep doing 3 at a time though.

I’m also shooting tren ED also. That’s a lot of sites to use up in one day Squatty, but let me try to put together a schedule.

Update on this situation. Woke up today and it still hurt. Not anymore than it did yesterday, possibly slightly less but not by very much. Yesterday when I massaged the area I felt one small, stiff knot…today that stiff area has spread into a oval size area over the injection size. The area is not raised and is not warm to the touch. Is this a sign that it is not an infection, and the muscle is just becoming stiff from the irritation and damage, or does this sound like a pocket of pus that is forming. BTW, my next injection is scheduled for tonight. Don’t know if I feel comfortable doing it when I’m unsure about this one. Do you guys usually continue on with other injects when you think one site might be infected?

Did you take your temperature? If that’s normal, I wouldn’t be too worried and just cut it in the future.

Note to all: High BA content can caused localized necrosis (tissue death).

One thing you can do if you’re really worried is stick a clean needle into the knot and see what you can suck out.

What does your cycle look like anyway?

My termperature is currently normal. I was actually just reading an article on exercise-induced muscular necrosis in marathon runners. If I did suffer some localized necrosis, how would the body deal with this? I’ve been tempted to stick a clean needle in there but didn’t want to aggravate the injury.