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Possible Infection!? Opinions?


I PMd this to prisoner as well, just to get his response in case he didnt catch the thread.

ive been on my current cycle for a few weeks now, and havent had any problems. I shot my left delt with 1 cc of test cyp 4 days ago. i had a normal amount of pain the day following the shot, and very little on the second day. On the third day, yesterday, the pain was still the same as the day before.. and maybe slightly lesser today, but i'm really paranoid LOL..

I do not have a fever, the injection site doesnt seem red or swollen to me at all, its only slightly warmer than my other delt, maybe not even (again, really paranoid), and it only hurts if i press on it. i trained chest/shoulders/tris today with no pain or limited ROM.

does this sound like an infection? do you think i should get it checked out? tomorrow will be the 5th day.

Please let me know your opinion.

Thanks so much,


also, how noticeable should heat/redness/swelling be?
are we talking about bright red, really hot, and super swollen?

would one KNOW if they have an infection? would it be extremely painful?


An infection would be pretty obvious. Swelling, hot to touch, red, fever and from what i've heard from my doc it usually shows its signs very well in the first 2-3 days. I've had injection pain last over a week due to an "unsteady" injection, high BA in the gear, or using too large of a pin. Unless you have those symptoms, which it seems you do not, I would not worry. Just keep an eye on it and make sure those symptoms do not occur. Prisoners thread pretty much sums it all up.


Hypothethically if I had a first cycle, the first ten days of EOD injections I experienced SEVERE site pain, redness and mild swelling. Glute injections made me walk like someone with severe arthritis and I could not get more than a quarter squat. Eventually the body acclimated to what everyone might guess was the high BA content hurting the tissue in the injection site.



So many people post threads-without searching through these helpful stickies at the top of the page, in the beginning of the steroid forum. I get that when I bang into a metal rack at work... LOL, bee stings do more damage than what you describe


thanks for all the replies.

guess what? been reading the forums for a while, you dont need to try and be a dick with your response :wink:

i've read the whole thread on "injection pain/infections" several times. but thank you for your reply, regardless.


lol, I apologize for sounding rough on the edges, rough morning.