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Possible Honeymoon Destinations?


Ok so I will be getting married in 6 months and am starting to plan out the honeymoon.... but I dont really know where I want to go?

Somewhere warm where we can lay by the pool/ocean/bay and sip some cocktails with the wifey.

I've thought of the "usual" places but I'm working on compiling a list of possible spots to start really researching into.

So if any of you guys have some good advice (besides the standard "dont get married!!!" lol) I'd be very appreciative. List any suggestions of great possible locations if you feel like helping a brotha out.

Thanks Guys and Gals


We went to St. Lucia in 2007. Loved it. Loving marriage too,... the 2nd time around.


Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

I really recommend checking them out. Truly mind blowing places to be. Heaven on earth :slight_smile: You'll love it.


No matter where you go, the honeymoon destination remains the same... the pooper.


A Cruise to Bermuda if you're not looking to spend a lot of money.


Grace Bay... in the Turks & Caicos islands.


Oh shit... GR's from Cali..... forget my suggestion.



hahaha (I almost made a Montana reference in my OP)


Turks & Caicos is already one of my top possibilities ID. Did you and Mrs Dwarf go there?

Great suggestions so far! Keep em coming!


Houston TX - I know a really nice bed and breakfast that will cater to your bodybuilder's diet. I know the owner (REALLY WELL) and can get you an awesome deal. Its a Mcmansion in the suburbs with easy access to highways, events and a 24 hour & LA fitness. If you act now, I even make him throw in a tour guide and have a videographer record the trip.

Let me know ASAP


Went to a destination wedding in Aruba....crystal blue water, powdery white sand, a bar 15 ft from the water and it never rains....Paradise!


My fiancee and I are going to Hawaii, Maui to be more specific. We had the honeymoon booked before the venue, date, dress, etc.


We went to a resort in Playa del Carmen. All-inclusive, no kids, no swingers. It was the perfect honeymoon, three days after I took the Bar.


This is where my wife and I honeymooned a couple of years ago:


We and a handful of couples had the entire island to ourselves. The temperature/beach/water was absolutely incredible every day. The food was first class and like nothing I've eating anywhere else (they have a Western executive chef) and plentiful. Snorkelling some of the best in the world. And believe me when I tell you the staff become your best friends - some visitors go back so often that there are actually tearful farewells when they leave.

They even have a mini-island right next door that you can book. They drop you and your partner off for the afternoon (along with a packed seafood lunch). Even has an open air bed (pictures on the site) that they encourage you to "use". Trust me, fucking each others brains out in the open air in the middle of the Pacific - one of the all time great life experiences.

And it's not particularly expensive.

Only thing - no gym. But hell, it's your honeymoon.


exuma in the bahamas... its where a lot of the pirates of the carribean was filmed. If there was anyone else on a beach I would leave and find my own private one right up the road.... and theres swimming pigs


Dude, go to Bora Bora and get one of those hotels with the glass floors and a walkway out into the water.

Or the maldives.

Or, if you've got sailing experience, rent a sailboat in the BVI's and have your own little escapade.


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I am not having a honeymoon, per se, but we did get one night at Anniversary Inn (http://www.anniversaryinn.com/), but my ideal one would be a summertime trip to Couer d'Lane Idaho, and next summer we're going to make a trip up there for a week or two.


This is pretty much what the wife and I did. Did the over-water hut in Moorea for 4 days, then 7 day cruise of the main islands in French Polynesia (including Bora-bora). It was fucking fantastic. By far the best trip I've ever had.


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