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Possible Hip Overtraining

Modern-day Mastadons: Got a hip recovery related question for you: I am changing my training split to a 4 day schedule (day 1: back and triceps, day 2: upper thighs and abs, day 3: off day 4: chest and biceps and day 5: shoulders and calves with the next two days off.) Here’s what I’m wondering: I like doing deadlifts on back day and like squats for upper thighs. Will doing deads on one day and squats on the next overtrain my hips, or will I be ok? Please give me your feedback, thanks!

ian kings program have you deadlifting (on hip dominant days) and squatting (on quad dominant days) during the same week as well. So in other words i see no problem with it

also the WSB guys do hip movements twice a week.

I wouldn’t do it, I’d suggest moving them farther apart. There’s no problem doing legs 2/week, but deads work your thighs, and squats work your glutes/back. I think you wouldn’t be able to load as much on your squats due to residual fatigue from deads the day before. I don’t see why you couldn’t switch them with another day. But hey, if you’re not convinced then give it a shot, see how it feels, if you’re not sore from day 1 then great, but if you are…hope this helps.

I think this all depends on your recovery ability. I, along with any one who does Ian’s workouts, or the Westside boys workouts(I do these guys workouts, GREAT STUFF) does hip movenments twice a week. If you feel pain in your hips or feel like they haven’t recovered enough(I gave some tips in the nighttime surge question on how to recover), then I say don’t do them both. If you feel like they are recovered, and my bet is they WILL, do them both.