Possible Hiatus

Well it looks like my Roomate has not paid his share of the phone/internet bills, so it is very possible that I will not be around for a while.

It must break all your hearts.

Don’t party too hard without me :wink:


You will be missed.

Even though you chimed in with smartass comments, you always helped whenever you could. It’s rare those 2 trait happen with the same person.

And I enjoyed both the smartass and the help.

No worries dude. We’ll be here when you get back.

ShortDave, you’re going to be missed here at T-Nation. Hurry back!

who the hell are u?

haha…jk. come back soon man. u can always go to a nearby library and use their computers if u need to

Okay… it seems as though the phone company has forgotten about the internet part of their service… Don’t tell them.

So I have no Phone. But I still have T-mag… this dark cloud does indeed have a silver lining, for me anyways… you poor saps, you almost were free of me insert evil laugh here