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Possible Hernia?

Ok i don’t no what this is but it hurts like a bitch.

Anyway it all started the day after some friends and i played a game of capture the flag late at night, it was all going well and i have to say i did allot of running and sprinting, and jumping. i usually don’t do this.

The next day i was sore in some parts of the legs but mainly in the lower abdominal region near the pubic bone.

I thought id let it rest and didnt really do any training with the legs for a while, maybe some light running but that was it.

today i decided to do some conditioning, so i did some jumping squats, and sprints. When i was sprinting i felt pain in my ball area, well not really my balls but around the private area.

I came home took a shower and now when ever i try to bend over i feel some pressure and small pain in that area, when i tightened my abs i felt small pain near the pubic bone…and as i was lifting some old a dirty cloths “CLOTHS FROM THE WASHing machine” i had to go upstairs and as i was walking upstairs i felt omg like pain near my penis, it hurt allot and it was all around that area.

what is this…if u guys need more details i will gladly post them

and if that doesn’t work maybe a picture would help…lol

but seriously what is this…

Sounds harmless. I suggest that you not bother consulting a physician, and immediately go do some more jump squats.

squat and drink milk.

and most importantly don’t curl in the squat rack!

I had and currently am having a flare up of what sounds like the same thing due some sprint workouts.

When I got the original injury I was checked for a hernia and they said they didn’t think I had one but I now suspect it might be “Gilmore’s Groin” aka a sportsman’s hernia. You should google that and ask the doctor about it when you see him.

I just had hernia surgery done a couple months ago. You probably don’t have one man. The pain feels like a pulled muscle and will usually flair up every once in a while after a good workout(in my case anyway).

I wouldn’t worry about consulting a doctor now. Be ever mindful though of the groin area, if you see a slight bulge starting to appear, you probably have a hernia. Oh yeah, and they only get worse, surgery is the only answer.