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Possible Hernia


So today I went to see my doctor about a nagging pain I started getting about a week ago, in my lower right abdominal region, that's become more frequent, as well as severely painful. I first noticed it when I was working inside a duct (I clean air duct for a living, among other construction services) and was really dehydrated. It was something like 110 inside and I was wearing a tyvek suit to keep insulation off of me, so obviously it was hot as hell. After I got out was when the pain hit.

Typically I label most pains as a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. This pain was more annoying than anything (a 1 or 2), like a cramp. At first I thought it was heat cramps or something to do with that, but hours later after I had hydrated it returned. Every day after that it became a lot worse.

The odd thing is it never hurts when I'm lifting or straining, it hurts when I'm sitting down or standing around. It didn't affect my training at all until yesterday. Until then I'd just been dealing with it by waiting until it had passed or it wasn't as painful to start a set. Yesterday was a whole different story, though, because the pain was already pretty bad while I was at work (at least a 4 or 5).

After work I came home to quickly shower before I hit the gym, and while I was washing my manhood I noticed the feeling pretty badly. The closest things I can compare it to are having someone reaching inside my abdomen and twisting, turning, tearing and other painful actions, and being kicked in the balls over and over. After the shower I did my usual after work stuff and then headed to the gym. I barely even got warmed up before the pain it the worst it's ever been.

I was doing deadlifts yesterday (or I was supposed to), but after my warm up I'd barely even bent down to touch the bar and the pain hit like a brick wall, knocking me on my ass. I had to sit there and just breathe for about 2 minutes before I could even get up to put the weights away. The ride home was extra fun because of how bad it hurt.

This has to be the worst pain I've ever felt (8 out of 10). I had to take the day off just because of the pain. When I went to the doctor's they did a physical test with all the poking and prodding and the dreaded, "turn your head and cough," test (at least she was good looking) but to no avail. There's no protrusions or any pain when an area is pressed on, but it can randomly hit, whether I'm sitting, standing, laying down, etc. There's nothing going on regarding bowel movements or anything like that and I've never had any surgeries.

We covered everything we could think of before I left that office and still found nothing. Next week I'm supposed to have an abdominal/groin ultrasound to see what's going on where they can't just poke and prod. Until then I'm just taking it easy, going day by day.

My thoughts is it's something to do with the spermatic cord, because about 30 minutes after the doc was done poking at it my testicular region began to hurt as much as it did yesterday for about 2 hours straight. Does this sound like a typical hernia to you guys or am I beginning to move up shit creek without my paddle?

Thanks for reading and any input.


sounds like a hernia as i have been dealing with similar shit, get an MRI it could be any number of disc problems.


UPDATE: Since I've seen the doctor and scheduled my next appointment, the pain I've been experiencing has gotten considerably worse. I took the day off from work Wednesday for my appointment and returned to work on Thursday. As soon as I got up out of bed Thursday morning the pain started. I took some ibuprofen to dull the pain a bit and went off to work. My bosses knew beforehand that I'm sporting at least some sort of injury, so they kept the workload light to help me out, but even that hurt. All the bending down and the walking up and down 3 flights of stairs was enough to make me a very unhappy guy until work was done for the day.

Friday the pain was even worse when I got out of bed. I took some pills again but this time it didn't do jack shit. I tried taking more a few hours after that and still nothing, no relief. I ended up having to leave work early because I just couldn't take it anymore. Unfortunately I still have to wait for my ultrasound, but hopefully we can find the problem and fix it ASAP. I have an event coming up in May and I really don't want to sit out because of surgery or an unidentified injury.

Lucky for me, I haven't experienced much pain this weekend. However, I'm sure tomorrow can easily be a different story.

Not sure if anyone really cares much about this thread, but I thought I'd update anyway.


UPDATE: Since my last post I've had an ultrasound, checked back in with my doctor, met with a hernia surgeon and had surgery.

It ended up being a sports (inguinal) hernia. I just had surgery today and now I'm at home resting.


Glad to hear you've had the repair done and are on the mend.


Thanks man. Only 6 more weeks of not training and then I can start up again to get bigger and stronger than I was before.


keep your head up soldier. soon you will be back on the battle field


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Idk why I said it was a congenial hernia, but it was actually an inguinal hernia (aka sports hernia). Apparently I was still a little fucked up after surgery and couldn't remember the fancy word the doctor used for the location it was in. lol


hi, everyone

I have had a sports hernia for about a year now, the doc said to go see a surgeon, and after a little talk he told me that i do in fact have a hernia and suggested surgery. I do not like the idea of having surgery. Any suggestions on how to fix it without surgery?


Awesome, the good news is, you knew what the problem was, and got it taken care of. Be sure to rest properly, don't rush anything in the gym, and do some rehab if you can.

slowman, you are not going to 'fix' a hernia by yourself, especially if you intend to lift heavy. If you brace your core hard while doing deads/squats/etc, your hernia symptoms while probably come in full-swing. Plus, the surgery, I've heard, is relatively easy to deal with. It's just the not being able to lift post-surgery that is hard.


hi PB Andy

Does that mean that I will not ever be able to lift heavy again, or just for a period of time. The doc did not tell me and I'm not one for cardio. Although I have not lifted in a year and a half from this, I guess getting it fixed would be better than not lifting any more.


Hey slowman,

I had my surgery back at the end of March and I just got back to deadlifting again yesterday. I've been back at it for about 3 weeks now but I could have sooner were it not for some other things that needed addressing first.

6 weeks after surgery you should be all healed up and ready to go at it again. Start slow though. My first few days back in the gym really put me in my place because of how weak I'd gotten since getting hurt.


Hi Hodge_Podge18

Thank you for posting what you went though with us. I'll have to call the doc and get this taking care of.

    Thank you again




I'm afraid I might have gotten a hernia this weekend.. initially I thought it was a strained groin but the pain is actually located right in the crease of my lower abdomen (right about even with the top of my pubes line) and my right hip.

I sneezed and it hurt really bad which is what made me think hernia. After feeling around I can definitely a bump under there that is painful.

Anyone have any experience with a hernia in that area? Thanks in advance for the replies.

I'm going to the doctors first thing in the morning tomorrow to hopefully get it looked at (dont have an appointment)


after reading more about hernia symptoms I'm 100% certain that I have one. I have several of the symptoms of an inguinal hernia.... sucks


Sorry to hear it, Gregron. I'm getting my umbilical hernia fixed on June 22nd. I know I've done a lot of navel gazing in my log so you've heard about it. Mine was caused from unprotected sex! LOL! My third pregnancy gave me an outie belly button. It was a small hernia. Then just 5 months of doing the compound lifts and I need surgery. It probably would have happened anyway, but the lifting didn't help.

Same deal, it hurts when I laugh or sneeze, but I'll sometimes get a sort of tearing pain when doing leg raises or something that really stresses the abs. My brother-in-law is a general surgeon. He told me that hernias can't fix themselves. Once there's a good tear, your body can't close the opening. Some people are lucky, and they can live like that without a lot of problem, maybe for years. For other people it becomes painful, or can even become an emergency situation.

I'd like to hear from anybody who's had an umbilical hernia, or any hernia, and then has gone back to lifting heavy. I'm a little concerned that I'll tear it up again.


@gregron, that sucks man. Better you got it figured out early instead of continuing to lift before seeing a doc (like I did) though. I'm no doctor, so what I'm saying isn't any type of medical advise, but I'd say you should be back to lifting in about a month if you have surgery on it. Of course, always do what your doc says before doing what any of us says.

I waited the full 6 weeks like the doctor ordered, but I'm willing to bet I could've been back it the weights in small doses about 3 or 4 weeks after going under the knife. Oh well, live and learn.

@Powerpuff, I started lifting again around the middle of May and just got back into squatting and deadlifting a couple of weeks ago. Of course I went about things differently than I should have, but I digress. (Personal crap and prior events on my agenda took priorities for a few weeks.) I haven't worked up to anything super heavy yet, but I'm about half way back to what I was squatting before (I had bad form on my squat before, so I'm taking that one slow for that and also to be cautious) and pulling around 80% of what I was before.

Hope these words have helped in some way.