Possible Hernia & Start of Cycle Help

It’s the start of my bulking cycle and I think I’ve developed an inguinal hernia, which actually I noticed about 6 weeks ago but disregarded. A few weeks ago, a soft lump appeared on one side of my groin. It goes away when I lie down, but comes back when I am standing up or exerting myself. The symptoms are pretty consistent with those of a hernia.

I’ve posted a diagram up of what inguinal hernias look like on the inside.

Apparently these types of hernias in the groin are very common and usually have to be fixed by surgery.

How would having a hernia affect a weightlifting program? Is it still okay to do martial arts, train as usual, and sports as
usual? Or do you have to be careful and take it easy?

Some of y’all out there may have had a hernia before, had one repaired, or still have one? How did it affect you?

It’s not painful or anything and I don’t want to let it stop me, so I am still working out and doing all exercise and sports as usual. I won’t consider any surgery or anything until after my cycle.

I just work out carefully, isolate the muscle groups being worked as much as possible, and try not to strain the lower adbomen when lifting.