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Possible Gyno?

Hi all.

Currently running 300mg test/deca a week, i’ve been running 0.5mg adex EOD (Ordered online from the US, im in Australia)
I’m not sure if im getting gyno or not, no sensitivity or pain around the area, but i can kind of feel something there behind the nipple. Its not an obvious hard lump, its soft and inconsistent. It could be something left over from puberty (still naturally have fairly soft nips).
Thoughts or ideas of what it could be would be appreciated.


get E2 levels checked. add nolva if necessary and adjust ai if high

Trying to find some Nolvadex in Aus is horrible. Still looking, current source cant get it anymore (could when i started). I’m increasing adex to 0.5mg ED to see if that stops it. WIll get nolva to try and get rid of it completely if possible.

The lumps havent developed. But the right nipple when i poke and prod around i sometimes get a sharp needle like pain there. Is that what gyno soreness feels like? I need help with this. Research Chem nolva will arrive soon so i will get on 40mg daily (split morning and night) to try and stop it progressing.

quit poking your nips so much. If it was really gyno you’d know

Alright. Thanks Yogi. Paranoid as fuck seeing as i naturally have fairly puffy nips.

[quote]DoctorJekyll wrote:
Alright. Thanks Yogi. Paranoid as fuck seeing as i naturally have fairly puffy nips.[/quote]

we’ve all been there mate, don’t worry about it.

If you can feel a hard lump under the nipple, then it’s gyno. Poking your nipples all the time will make them tender which’ll make you think it’s gyno and so you’ll keep poking them to check, making them even more tender and locking you into a never ending cycle of nipple poking tenderness anxiety!