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Possible Gyno?

Hi guys

New to this forum, it always seems to pop up in my search engine and has some good into/advice so thought I’d sign up.

To cut a long story short I last year I did a few oral only cycles, well spaced apart, necessary precautions and good PCT etc. However towards the end of the year I noticed what I can only describe as fat spots around my nipples. There are no hard lumps behind either nipple and its not a hard mass, just looks really like excess skin and or fat.

I’ve got myself down to a good bf (visible abs, good definition) however this problem hasn’t seem to have gone away, which I thought it would have.

The reason I ask is that I want to compete in 2015 and do a test cycle later this year however I obviously don’t want to make my nips worse. I notice them with my shirt off and through white t’s but if I’m honest I probably can live with that. The closest thing I can compare them to is lipomastia.

Does anyone have any experience with this? If anyone could offer any advice info I would be really grateful.


This certainly looks like gyno to me. This is exactly what mine looks like, however, I have had mine since pubert, and there are lumps behind both nipples. Only way to remove those is surgery I guess, which I will most likely have done at the end of the year. If you don’t have lumps, you can probably reverse this condition.

Have u read gyno sticky?

Protocol for Letro use may be an option for you.

If rubbery lump is present, surgery is a must w/ removal of lump, however if only stubborn fat, a simpler lipo surgery could solve this issue.

My friend, I would say so. If you got your BF down and it’s still there, that’s not promising. But really, go ask a doctor and don’t go by us here.

Best advice was given; check the gyno sticky. Good luck and promise to report back when you get to a doctor. I can’t stand it when a guy gets a post going and orphans it.

Thanks for your replies fellas really helpful.

Prtrain yeah had a read through the gyno sticky a lot of helpful info on there especially the letro protocol.

Ive been looking into the letro route as I’ve heard quite a few success stories ans lets face it, its cheaper than surgery and is worth a shot. If it works great I’ve saved myself alot of money and pain. Its not a rubbery mass by any means and is easily manipulated. I’m guessing that as its new ‘gyno’ letro ‘might’ reverse if not minimise symptoms so I think this is an area I’m going to explore in the coming months.

A couple of months ago I tired helios , (injected side on into the outer mass) as It works wonders for localised fat site reduction, however this had no real impact and was just sore.

Cablecurl you will know how annoying this is as its the first thing I notice when I take my top off. Even though its not bad its something which for me is affecting my mood and confidence and am determined to get sorted, so I will update accordingly on here so that maybe guys with problems similar to this in the future have a source of information they can read through.

In the meantime if anyone else has information feel free to share.


OK bit of an update. I’ve just ordered some eviscerate which is the equivalent to the us version of yohimburn. I thought I’d give a topical fat burner a go first to see what this is like towards the ‘gyno’. My body fat is still reducing and the ‘gyno’ is still very present. If the tfb doesn’t have any effect I’m going to do the letdo protocol in order to remove it.

Will post results as and when.