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Possible Gyno Worsening


Do you feel like your chest has stopped gaining fat? I always had a tingling sensation


My test is pressing in on my nipple. When I started TRT it felt like what I can best describe as “crunchy”. They were hard and it did not feel good to press on them. That has died down a lot.

Last week I started injecting EOD and doing anastrozole .125 EOD. Things died down dramatically but I think that had more to do with having burned off a lot of fat and minimizing and spreading out my dosing. I am going back to the originally prescribed dose and will push my blood work back to a couple weeks so I’m steady stabilized and see where I’m at. I don’t want to crash my E2 as I have enough issue with aches and pains to begin with.


Yeah crashing e2 can be miserable


The severe crazy swelling on the side of my breast has subsided. I would rather risk crashing my E2 if it meant I was not embarrassed to wear even a t-shirt. It was off the hook bad first 6 weeks of TRT. Deeply embarrassing. I have/had really sculpted muscular pecs. I think dabbling with Finasteride back in 1998 is when I started to get significant fatty tissue on my chest. I didn’t link it to using Finasteride in part because of the marketing they did to make it seem safe. It is not safe for men at all. I am at least going to try lip but will let the surgeon evaluate if I have true gyno.


Anyone think 140 mg a week is too much?

I keep seeing threads where guys on high doses are told that 100 mg is better.


100mg is too much for me, 84mg total weekly dosage gets Free T past high normal.


Why do doctors start guys out so high?

I felt like my estrogen was flying off the charts when I started.

I just want normal to high normal levels.


They dont all do that. My doc started me off on 100mg E14D. It was awful. I would have much rather started out at 200mg E7D and then titrate the dosage.


I made an appointment for a consult with a plastic surgeon next week. I will get my bloodwork done tomorrow to see how I’m doing for my first follow up with Defy… I dropped back to .125 Anastrozole 2x a week and am injecting HCG daily and test EOD. I doubt the doctor at defy will mind if I tell him I changed my dosing schedule as much if I’m staying at the prescribed totals.

I’ll keep this updated when I get my result from the surgeon consult and my labs. I’m very interested to see where my E2 levels have settled in at.


No that I am back to 2 doses of .125 for a week I feel a little nipple sensitivity and it does seem like some water retention in my chest. I put off getting blood-work this morning since I did not to my shot until later in the day yesterday and will go tomorrow before work. I was sad to see one of the guys pioneering this therapy passed today. For guys starting out looking for reassurance that of course does not help.


I submitted my blood work this morning. I’m going to drop down to .15ml of 200 mg/ml test C EOD and drop my AI. I’m going to daily dose HCG still. Im going to see how 105 mg a week feels of total test with no AI while I wait for blood work. Im guessing my T totals are fairly good now. Not sure on E2. I think I’d rather cruise at 105 and blast a little during swim season. We’ll see. I’ll post my labs when I get them.

I am hoping my titty fat issues and general water retention die down with less test. 205 lbs and looking leaner would be nice.


IF fat is an issue and you are also looking for a little endurance why don’t you look into a peptide?
Like GW-501516 Cardarine.


Where do you get something like that?

My problem was mostly water retention I think.

Maybe a little gyno induced. I’ll let you guys know.


Googles your friend. Use the exact letters numbers and word in your search.
The management here does not like posting links or pushing a product that is not a sponsor.


I totally get that.

Thanks for the tip.


Just got back from appointment with surgeon. My neighbor/friend who works there came in and shook my hand and chatted for a bit. He was really cool about it. The doc said it’s combination of fat and gland which is kind of what I expected. We chatted a bit about TRT which was cool. He asked what effect it had on my hair and I said I don’t care. Truth is my hair has gotten thinner in the last couple of months but I am no overly alarmed because I’m 52 and it bothers me a lot less. I also think the it’s possible the Anastrozole was driving it and it may bounce back a bit now. Thickness more so than density.

Anyway. 5K. It will cost me 5K. They go in on the sides and only make incisions around the areola if they can’t get it all out after using the laser to blow up the fat tissue and the cannula to suck it out. They will try to pull out any gland tissue via the small incision on the side first… I totally trust these guys. I got a discount for being good friends with someone who works there so there’s that. Now I need to clear it with the wife who I know will not like the fact I’m getting “work done” when she has probably thought about it too now that she is 50 and being a woman and all.

I can handle wrinkles and some hair loss but having tits as a man is not natural. I am exaggerating a little bit as my case is at worst moderate but you get the idea.


So just for clarification, did you have the gyno before you went on TRT?


TRT is not what caused it. The first month on TRT, the water retention, was the first time where I was really embarrassed about it.


Further clarification, you have been on TRT for 7 weeks and are currently using an AI?


Yes and no. Yes, I’ve been on TRT for about 2 months and used an AI the entire time. The first month when I was noticing a lot of swelling and fullness in my chest, to an extent I had never seen I doubled my AI dose. I also ended up going to EOD test injections which reduced my dose of test to 40mg from 75mg per injection and went to daily HCG at the appropriate dose so my weekly total would be the same as prescribed. Things calmed down around that time. I am not certain but I don’t think things got better due to my AI changes but because I had burned through a lot of body fat due to diet and exercise changes when I started TRT.

No, because currently, as of Monday, I cut back to 100mg Test C a week and dropped my AI.