Possible Gyno, Please Help

not necessarily but it is selective to breast tissue(which is what gyno is) and it will work so much better than tamoxifen and clomid it’s not even a debate.

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running that will cause horrible problems. I don’t think you understand how destructive overuse of AIs and serms can be, I did not either til i tried to get rid of my gyno. My advice would be to sell off the clomid and letro or keep it for a pct or something. then get REAL raloxifene in pill format hopefully from a doctor and pharmacy. if you are on any serms or AIs now I’d stop and let estrogen recover and recirculate then get bloods and start ralox. if surgery is accessible and available where you are at just do that so the problem is done:)

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Thanks man.

How long does it take for estrogen to recover?

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a lot factors in, your body, what you were taking how much and when. generally you can feel low estrogen. boner problems, achy joints, joints feel snappy and fragile, and skin is shitty. without bloods no real way to tell when it’s recovered. probably 4 weeks maybe less but that’s a wide guess

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Could I run letrozole and raloxifene?

I mean, I should go get bloods done, make sure my estrogen is what it’s supposed to be at,
And then could I run letrozole and raloxifene?
Or do you recommend only the raloxifen?

Apologies for my lack of knowledge.

When I get this fixed, I’m never touching this shit again.

IMHO stay the fuck away from letrozole. it’s a dangerous drug and you can really mess up your numbers with it. AIs for gyno is generally speaking a horrible idea. letrozole decreases estrogen in your entire body and can halt or diminish the production of estrogen. raloxifene is a serm, which means it’s selective to estrogen receptors. the amount of estrogen in your body stays the same but where it can bind changes. raloxifene would stop a lot of estrogen from binding in your breast tissue which is causing the inflammation.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Would I have to wait for my estrogen to normalize before taking the raloxifen?

This clomid and letrozole combination seems to be working though… Although I am only on my fourth day…

no you would not have to wait for your estrogen to normalize to begin raloxifene as it is tissue selective.

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Thanks man, I’m on the raloxifen now, 60mg every day, seems to be working slowly. Got about 3 weeks supply,
Planning to do 30mg for the last week to taper off, but is tapering off necessary with raloxifen?

no it is not, however there wouldn’t be any harm as far as I am aware