Possible Gyno, Please Help


I’ve got possible gyno.

I took sarms for a few years. S4, ostarine.

While I was taking them 2 years ago I went to Okinawa and I had some snake wine. My nipples went really puffy and crazy and tingly over the next couple of days to a week.

I was told that the alcohol made my estrogen spike, and the best way to fix it would be to smash it with rad 140.
Did clomid at that time

Nipples kind of went back to normal, although not completely normal.

A few months ago stupidly decided to try sarms again
Pct of tamoxifen.
Nipples went puffy, and when it’s cold I have a real small lump underneath the nipple itself.

Tried raloxifene as a gyno cure, may have made it worse.

Taking clomid now but no change.

My nipples never looked like this.

I was told that it was probably genetics and just a coincidence that I was taking sarms at the same time.

It’s possible that some of my stuff wasn’t legit, meaning that maybe the tamoxifen wasnt real
And maybe my sarms were just cheap steroids

I browsed the posts for possible solutions, as well as talk with a few guys knowledgeable about steroids and SARMs.

Apologies if this is in the wrong spot… I’ve been a lurker bit this is my first post.

Whatever help you guys can give would be much appreciated.

Considering running clomid, tamoxifen, and adex.

What should I do?

Im not an expert because i am not prone to gyno in any way, but… isnt gyno supposed to be growth under the nipple? It starts as a tiny grain which grows into a pea-sized something and continues like that.

Why in the fuck would Rad140 help reduce estrogen? Also, alcohol didn’t spike your estrogen, the years of SARMs did.

Yeah sure, you might be slightly dispositioned to this ocurrence, but probably NEVER would have encountered issues if you didn’t abuse SARMs for years.

Stop taking SARMs for fucks sake.


Yeah I’m done with sarms.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this, without surgery?

This started with the nips, then got a pea sized lump under the nip

Some people have had luck with tamoxifen, others with letrozole, but you have to watch the dose. Search “gyno” and you’ll find some more specifics

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A SERM, daily, although I’m not seeing “gyno” here

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Well not sure what else you’d call it.
Definite growth under the nipple, sticks out like dog tits when I’m cold. Changed in last two years, when I took sarms.

What serms work best, what risks are there?

I’ve read about adex, 0.5 mg every other day?

You can look up different SERMs and their effects.

Adex is not a SERM

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So as a curious note, tamoxifen made it worse. I switched to clomid, it seems to be getting better.

Why would that be?

And this is definitely gyno, the start of it.
Honestly I can’t figure out why you guys would think it was anything else.
Nipples start swelling after a cycle of sarms… What else would it be?

Gyno isn’t swollen nipples. Gyno is a hard lump of actual breast tissue. Still don’t see it in your pics. But if the SERM is helping, great.

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Seems to be helping yeah.

I just know, that my nipples never looked like this before. When I’m cold, they definitely stick out heaps, with some kind of a tiny hard bit of tissue underneath.

I’m a school teacher in Japan, and yesterday at school, I had one of the kids grab my nipples and chase me around the hall for what seemed like an eternity, screaming gleefully about how great and large my nipples were. He kept screaming everyone! Everyone! Come touch this! It’s amazing! So big! Amazing! Amazing!


I have ordered some letrozole as well.

Going to try one of the gyno reversal plans over at evolutionary.

Failing that, I’m fully committed to chopping off the tip of each nipple.

I don’t think I’m mentally prepared to go through life having elementary school kids grab my nipples.

I used to get bullied back in high school, I never dreamed that when I became an English teacher in Japan I would be bullied by tint Japanese children LOL

Japan really is wild


firstly, raloxifene is the way to go with gyno. clomid tamoxifen and adex seems more like some sort of pct set up. and if it doesn’t hurt it isn’t gyno. if your gyno was induced by some sort of drug usage it most times can be reversed relatively quickly with 60mg of raloxifene a day.

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tamoxifen isn’t as selective as raloxifene which is almost exclusive to breast tissue. a less selective serm could in theory cause hormonal changes that could make the existing gyno worse. reason being that gyno isnt always caused by estrogen, a lot of times it’s prolactin caused.

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Thanks for the reply.

It hurt at first, about two years ago.
I managed to stop it, but it resulted in the actual nipple itself being enlarged a bit.

I didn’t really notice, didn’t think it was a big deal,
But after this cycle of sarms the area underneath the nipple got a lump.
Wasn’t painful.
Really sticks out when it’s cold.
Like tiny devil horns.

I tried raloxifene, it seemed to make the problem worse.

I managed to find some more information on the evolutionary website.

The current plan is

50mg week 1
100 mg weeks 2 and 3
50 mg weeks 4 and 5
25 mg week 6

1.25 mg week 1
2.5 mg weeks 2 3 4
1.25 mg week 5
0.5 mg week 6

Just out of curiosity, would running raloxifene with this cause horrible horrible problems?

I guess the best way for me to have done this would have been to go to the doctor and just get the damn thing cut out, but since I’ve already spent the cash on the drugs, I’m kind of committed.

Cheers for your advice so far.

So would raloxifene combat lumps under the nipples caused by prolactin?

I was on raloxifene for a week, it seems to be making the problem worse, same as tamoxifen.

Thats cuz kids dont get beat up anymore :frowning:


were you on solely raloxifene or were you on other shit as well? also if you crashed your estrogen and don’t allow your body to readjust and start another serm that’s just going to further exacerbate the situation in many instances regardless of how selective said serm is.

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