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Possible Gyno on 200mg Test C


Hi Guys - I think I might have a problem.

I started injecting 200mg test cyp /wk for 2 weeks then noticed some changes in my breast - subtle changes. The right nipple was getting a little bit pointy and when I flexed there was a part around the nipple that was not 'flexable' (I couldn't flex it). I've had that for a while before I even started and just thought it was some fatty tissue.

I had some Nolvadex tablets on hand and started taking 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night and increased my test cyp to 300mg /wk. I did this for a week and kept checking my breast(s) and at the end of the 3rd week (now) I am feeling some grizzle - it could be getting worse but it's hard for me to tell. It seemed that it didn't feel as grizzly before.

Now tonight I popped 2 tablets for a total of 40mg and I plan on continuing 40mg per day.

Does anyone agree/disagree?

My main question here is - will what I am doing get rid of the gyne that I have (see picture)?

If not, what should I do?

Thanks guys - I'm freaking out here but I probably shouldn't be cuz I've never had a nice chest - they've always been kinda pointy.


Nipples look a little puffy.

Grizzle is always a bad sign, there should not be anything noticable behind the nipple.

Starting nolva was the correct response.

200mg test/week is a very low dose, Im honestly surprised this happened. But if your sensitive to aromatization its no surprise.

Some people run much more an have no issues at all, your one of the unluck percentages it seems.

2 weeks at 200 is pretty "early" int he cycle.

How long was your planned cycle ? Upping the dose is not a good plan.

If your only 3 weeks in, dropping the test completely and starting your PCT with nolva should kill the gyno before it develops further.

Whether or not you can finish your cycle depends on how well your "on cycle" nolva works, I would no raise the dose to 300/week, thats a poor choice in this case.

Its going to be a judgment call, the "best" solution is to abandon the cycle now. But most aren't willing to do that.


Just my opinion but it may just be a bit of water retention. Are you taking any a-dex? Your b-fat looks high enough that you would feel some "grissle". Are your nips extremely sensitive? Are you itchy around your chest?


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I would absolutely stop taking the testosterone unless able to acquire and use an aromatase inhibitor right away and I mean right away.

You are right to continue the Nolvadex.

Yes, it's a low dose. I'd seen it happen in others at 250 mg/week, and so since it also happens to some just naturally with zero, it does stand to reason it could happen at 200 mg/week.

Don't worry about delaying the cycle. You can get the gains later.


Hey Guys...sorry, I'm a bit of an ass.

I posted here and expected to receive an email notifying me if anyone had replied. No email came (or I didn't see it) so I assumed that my post was just not interesting enough.

Anyways...thanks for taking the time.

Well, since I didn't think anyone had responded I continued down my own path. Did some reading and continued taking the 40mg/day of Nolva. I don't think they got any worse and I continued my cycle for another couple of weeks and then stopped because the situation wasn't improving. It wasn't getting worse but it wasn't improving. So here's a summary of what happened:

Week 1: No anti-e
Week 2: No anti-e
Week 3: 20mg/day Nolva
Week 4-5: 40mg/day Nolva
Week 6: Stop the Test and continue 40mg/day Nolva
Week 7: Continue 40mg/day Nolva

June 6: 40mg Nolva + 0.25mg Letro
June 7: 0.5mg Letro (discontinue Nolva)
June 8: 1mg Letro
June 9: 1.5mg Letro
June 10: 2mg Letro
June 11: 2.5mg Letro
Today: 2.5mg Letro

I plan on staying at this dose for at least a week and monitor the grizzle then wean back down.

Have I noticed a reduction at all? - maybe - but I think Armadillo might be partially right - I'm starting to think that the breast tissue was "always" there and maybe swelled a little bit but I also think that it was water retention too. The reason is that (with the Letro?) I seem to be getting cut a bit and the pointiness seems to have receded slightly (but not the grizzly part - at least not noticeably).

So...I'm just maintaining a dose of 2.5mg/day now to see what the Letro can do for me. I am somewhat optimistic because I have read some medical journals that demonstrated that small dosages of Letro induced the kinds of changes I am looking for in the mammary glands of lab animals.

Armadillo - to answer your questions: I have not tried adex - my nips were NEVER sensitive (and neither was the tissue below it) and I was NEVER itchy around my chest. That's why it really seemed fishy to me...because I asked my guy about it and that was the first thing he asked. He said that it was probably not gyno since I did not have any of those symptoms.

It the Letro doesn't work, I'll resort to surgery. I will not tolerate this when I am working as hard as I do in the gym.

Keep you posted.

fingers crossed


What I would do to abort this whole thing is

60mg/day for a week then

I guess you are hyper-sensitive to the condition given that you only pinned 200mg/wk


I don't know about grizzle but to me you look kinda chubby. Why don't you
work out steady for a while without juice and see the gains you'll make.


I too developed a small jump from just 250mg/wk of HG sust - in the second week.

These days i regularly use high amounts of aromatisable AAS without issue - courtesy of Anastrazole and Letrozole.


Hey Brook - whether the 2.5mg/day of Letrozole that I am taking now works or does not work to reverse it, in a few weeks I would like to "try again" except this time with a cycle of only Trenbolone Acetate which cannot aromatize to estrogen.

Can I continue with the 2.5mg/day of Letrozole up to and throughout my next cycle? I want to continue treating my existing gyne but at the same time I want to go on cycle again and I don't know if there will be some conflict taking the 2 simultaneously. I feel like I was ripped off on my last cycle and eager to try again.


Winkroar3 - I have not had my body tested for %bf with calipers but I THINK I am far from chubby. If anything, I would classify myself as too thin. I have been working out for a very long time (off and on - more on over the past 3 years) without juice and I would just get more and more ripped.

I seem to get stronger but I don't gain the size - that's why I turned to the juice in the first place. I'm tired of benching 2 plates with my tiny 15" arms...I want my size to start reflecting my strength.


Ok sorry. Maybe a pic when you weren't pumped. Good luck.


You will have a very crap time using just Trenbolone, you need to have something in the cycle to ensure a decent estrogen level. I reasise you see estrogen as an enemy, but it is needed in men too.. not just for muscle building, but also regular function.

A little dbol would be very nice.

Trust me, if you use an AI PROPERLY during a cycle, there is nothing wrong with Test.

Tren alone will not be fun.. your libido will go in the floor, and mood will be fucked too most likely.


I have also read that you should stack Tren with some form of Test so I agree on that point...but Brook, if you're saying the purpose of the Test is to give me some Estrogen during my Tren cycle (or generally) - doesn't this contradict the use of an aromatase inhibitor?? With the aromatase inhibitor taken during the cycle, I would be preventing most of the conversion of the Test to Estrogen so what would be the point in taking the Test other than to boost Test levels? I don't understand that point.

You suggested Dbol but could I use what is left of the Test Cyp (that gave me gyne the last time) with the Tren Acetate instead?


Preventing excess aromatisation, not all aromatisation.


Yes, you can use the test cyp. Just take into account the ester length and delay to get in your blood stream. If you are using tren ace and test cyp, start the test cyp at least 1 week earlier than the tren. Front load the cyp too so that you will have adequate aromatizing AAS to provide synergy with the tren ace which kicjs in very fast.


Understood - I would be mixing a slow acting compound with a longer half life (Test Cyp) with a fast acting compound (Tren Ace) so it is more difficult to get the timing right...thanks.


Many disagree, but my money is on adex all through a cycle, PCT and then past that at 0.5mg/wk for a few weeks more. E should never be allowed to become elevated. [I am a TRT guy who does not do gear].


It is not necessary to start a longer acting compound first.


Wouldn't it be beneficial to allow the cyp to build up a little head of steam before starting tren ace?