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Possible Gyno, Help Please


Been running high tren with really low test (1400mg tren a week witk with 50-70mg test a week).

Recently felt small lumps under both my nipples.

Here is the thing, ive been using both my adex and caber every once and a while..

I have experienced no acne, and no erectile dysfunction.. Been horny as fuck actually.

About a week ago I did a chest session with dumbbells going up to 160lbs each and kinda dragged them accross my chest to get them into position. I have had scares like this in the past with dinging my chest with dumbbells and causing lumps and inflammation... But this time they are directly underneath my nipples.

Input needed, thank you.

also just tapered off of t3


Wel...guess ill just keep bumping this until i get a response.

Again, I am experiencing no other side effects, no acne, bloating, no ED from progesterone etc..

I have experienced all of the above before, severely actually, but never had gyno.


Why are you running test so low? thats essentially what your body produces naturally....


That doesnt matter.. And your post doesnt amer my question at all..


I hope you made a typo in your original post with the 1400mg Tren... I suppose you mean 400mg?

Progesterone gyno => get femera (letro) asap and read the stickes about it.


He is serious, and im not to sure about letro helping progesterone levels, i think its bro science.


But can progesterone cause gyno with such low aromatizable aas? Bonez? Bbb? Bill roberts? Helllllp please


Not sure if you have looked at this tread already, but it may help you a bit on trying to figure out what is up.


Progesterone can induce gyno. Progesterone can be converted to 17a-hydroxyprogestrone then further to Androstenedione (catalysed by CYP17 protein).
The androstenedione can then go two routes, be converted to Estrone or to Testosterone in the gonads by CYP19.
I dont know what is causing your gyno (if it is gyno) but if it is being converted to test that could be aromatising.
Someone can correct me if I am wrong but thats what I have learnt thus far from Uni :).


thanks for the info guys, i have a suspicion that my tren was cut with something..probably NPP..

Ive got letro now and will be running the protocol..luckily the lumps arent visible yet.

ive cut my cycle short