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Possible Gyno After Test/Deca/Eq Cycle


Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

Just come off an eq, deca and test cycle. Never had an issues with gyno before. But I’ve noticed that when I flex, my dominant pec looks different from the nipple to lower chest, it’s only noticeable really when I flex but not sure if it’s gyno or just one pec is less developed etc or holding more fat. It could also be that I’ve only just noticed it and am now worrying about it.

I can’t feel any lumps and the skin feels fine but as you can see in the pictures they are different and it’s almost like a band of extra skin going from the nipple to lower chest.

If anyone can give advice on what this could be and a way of fixing it.

I don’t really want to cycle anything else in the future and make it worse.

The selfie is taken in the reflection of my window as it shows it really well but in a mirror in any light it’s harder to see.

Thanks in advance.

Broscience claims SERMs like ralox work best. Caloric deficit and resistance training to keep T high can also help.

People often see reductions, especially soon after it starts, if they do something to stop it.

Thanks so would ypu say that looks like the start of it?

Can’t say for sure. I assume you are doing a proper PCT? If Tamoxifen isn’t in there, then add it. 40/40/40/20/20

Yes been taking nova but only at 20mg a day