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Possible Gyno? 6 Weeks/500mg Test

Last bloodwork 2 weeks E2 was 47pg/ml. No soreness or lumps. Have nolva and arimidex. Nipples just look puffy . Any suggestions… ? Curious should I finish out 10 weeks and worried about the 2 weeks inbetween last dose of test and start of my nolvadex pct.

Take 10-20mg/ day of Nolva for the rest of your cycle. Buy some more to make sure you still have enough for PCT.
Did your nipples get itchy? If so that tells you that you need to take a serm ASAP. AI like adex can be hard to dial in correctly without crashing your E2, that’s why I prefer Nolva.

No not itchy at all . I’ll take the nolva for sure. Still running .5 arimidex eod as well. Just seem a bit puffy … not sensitive tho

No need to run both at the same time.

Probably gyno paranoia