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POSSIBLE Good Chest Exercise in Men's Health

Heya fellow T-freaks. I was flipping through my hard copy Men’s Health magazine archives when I came across what appeared to be a decent chest exercise: Palm up Dumbell front raises. I tried them today during my first taste of a workout since surgery, and found that they did seem to isolate the pecs pretty well. Anyone else try these? Lata.

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I’ve been using this exercise off and on for a while, except I do I use cables instead of dumbells. I like 'em.

There is a version of the DB flye where you turn your hands into a supinated position at the point of contraction and squeeze the DBs together for a couple of seconds(you can also squeeze your elbows toghether).Similar move different angle,feels pretty good.

MB: I’m trying to see how they are a pec exercise…is the angle UP and across the chest like Low Cable Crossovers? (Cable crossovers done from the low cable instead of the upper). Otherwise, sounds sort of like an anterior delt exercise??? On that note, SOME feel that dumbell front raises are more effective from the palm up position. Any thoughts?

Yeah, Muf, similar to the cable crossover without the cables. Pretty cool stuph. focus on isolating and contracting the pecs while doing it. Lata.

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