Possible Good Bulking Cycle

I have run a few cycles in the past with my fav being Tren with low Test and anadrol 50.I have really liked them but found them to be more lean gains or closer to a cutting cycle…Not that it’s a bad thing.

So I would like to get into more of a bulking cycle.I’m thinking I am not far off.

So my last 2 cycles were
tren enath at 600mgs a week for 6 weeks
test enath at 350mgs a week for 8 weeks
drol at 700 mgs a week for 6 weeks
letro at 1.25mgs every 3 days for 10 weeks
nolva from weeks 11-14 at 40-40-20-20

I have not had a problem with the side affects of the Tren so I would like to increase to 800mgs a week but I am not sure if I would still see any more of a benifit then at 600mgs a week to justify the extra tren.What is the highest I can go without seeing diminishing returns.

Next I would like to increase the Test to around 1000mgs a week to 1200mgs a week.Maybe up to 1500mgs a week as I have heard of some people going this high.

I think my original cycle is borderline lean/bulk and was wondering if this would justify a full bulk cycle.

Be mindful many people can pull off the low dose test with higher tren doses. Chances of running 800mg of tren with more than a gram a week of test are much smaller.

so am I better increasing the tren to 800 or 900mgs a week while running the test at 350mgs a week


running test at 1 g a week and tren at 600mg to 800mg a week?

again a bulk cycle is what I am looking at.

Also I couold add in dbol at 350mgs a week or anadrol at 700mgs a week

I dont know about “better” but you are “more likely” to encounter nasty sides with 1g and 600-800 tren than 350mg and 800-900. And then again you really and truly never know til you try

Well I just finished my cycle.
Ran 600mgs of tren enathate a week for 5 weeks
350mgs of Test enathate a week a week for 7 weeks
anadrol 100mgs a week for 6 weeks
letro at 1.25 mgs E3d but had to increase to ED for the last 3 weeks.
Starting PCT now .Nolva at 40-40-20-20.

Overall more lean gains and fat loss.About 15lbs in quality muscle.All of my powerlifts went up by aprox 60lbs.So very happy.

Now for the next 8 weeks I plan on changing my routine to get my body fat to around 6-8%,

Will be doing hard cardio for 30mins a day with 45mins of fat burning.Using the treadmill,Eliptical and stairmaster.5 days a week is my goal here.
Also 5 days a week a weight lifting workout concentrating on deadlifts,squats,bench press and military press with 3 other body part exercises on each day.More to maintain my powerlifting but still work my other areas.Arms will still get there own day.Sets will be kept low.

Would like to get much leaner before my next cycle

Which is
900mgs of tren enath for 6 weeks…with frontload
500mgs a week of test enath for 8 weeks with frontload
letro as Ai
nolva for pct.

Hopeing I can put on some more muscle mass and still stay lean.

anadrol should have been at 700mgs a week.

it is known that bulking cycles should have test as a base usually. so since you were on 350mgs of test in the past, 600-800 mgs test would be better and safer for u.

my suggestions are:

first option:
test enath at 600-800 mgs a week for 8 or 10 weeks
drol at 700 mgs a week for 6 weeks

this is the best option for a bulking but if u wanna spicy things up just add tren but not more than 400mgs

second option:
test enath at 600-800 mgs a week for 10 weeks
drol at 700 mgs a week for 6 weeks
tren 400 mgs a week for 8 weeks

Difference between a lean-bulk and a full-bulk is in the diet. Some full-bulk until they look like fat pieces of shit.

Are you going to be on anything during your cut?
Have you ever been 6% b.f. before?