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Possible Golder's Elbow...Need a Diagnosis


I recently started lifting again after taking about 3 months off. After my workout at the beginning of the week, I felt fine, but the next morning, the inner part of my elbow would hurt a lot whenever I tried to straighten my arm or curl my arm to the end.

If my elbow is anywhere around 90 degrees, there is not pain. Also, no pain when gripping or turning a knob. Even when lifting something using my arms does not hurt.

Now I'm confused as to what it is since it feels like a tendon hurting (when I massage the painful spots, I can feel the tendon that hurts), but isn't painful in most positions except straight out or all the way curled in. I would go as far as to consider it simple DOMS, but the pain has been persistent for 3 days without change in intensity.

Any ideas?


Maybe go see a doctor?? Just do it.


See if it goes away. If not, see someone. You can't get a diagnosis without having a professional look at it.


Sounds like a classic case of GOLDER's elbow!


I wish I had a gold elbow :frowning:


...didnt even notice the spell fail.

Anyhow, I'm currently icing it and taking ibuprofen for the pain. I stopped my creatine maintenance cuz apparently it interacts with the ibupro.

Thanks for all the input.

  1. Use the search function - there are many threads about golfers/climbers elbow
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Ok, so here's an update...this is strange.

Both inner elbows hurt since Monday withe same intensity until last night. This morning, the left feels almost completely painless while the left has made no progress.

And yes I read the other threads, and my situation does not entirely match those. The fact is I DON'T know if it really is golfer's elbow.


so take your ass to a doctor, we can't help you......we can't even see you


This is wierd because the tendon is under stress when you engage certain forearm flexors or extensors(I forget which one). I think i remember reading that there is generally more tension on the tendon when your arm is @ 90 degrees as opposed to being straight.

Does it hurt more after a workout? Could be because your forwarm muscles are tight, and are pulling on the inflammed tendon. I'd suggest seeing a Dr if it stays a problem. Just don't takre the NSAIDs he gives you(which he will).

In the meantime, start stretching your forearms daily, and ICE!