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Possible Game Changer For Deadlift

Some of you know I messed my back up a few times in the last 3 weeks. Well it feel ok aside from squatting so hit some light deadlift work. Well about 1.5 years ago I adopted semi sumo deadlift it helped my squat a lot and brought me from 580 to a 640 deadlift at the same bodyweight. I tried full sumo originally but my legs werent as stong as they are now and couldn’t break 405 off the ground. I decided to hit sumo pulls today and though I only hit 315x20, I can tell this is going to be a game changer for me. Every once in a while I find something that helps my lifts out like crazy. I honestly believe I Will have a 700+ pull next year. But I do have a question. Some reps I come up and for a few seconds balance between falling back and standing. Is this just from being used to pulling into me and using such light weight

Take what I’ve got to say with a grain of salt since I’m not close to your deadlift numbers and would probably be able to learn more from you than teach you.

You might just be over analyzing and just need to put in the time and practice with that new movement. What you mentioned also sounds like a distinct possibility. I know that can happen with my warmups.

Something else to consider is that maybe your not pushing out from the sides of your feet enough. Spread the floor is the cue for this one when it comes to wide stance anything.

I used to have the problem you explained with box squats. It was because I was only pushing into my heels. Once I start pushing from the entire outer side of each foot did I put that problem to rest.

I like EMOM singles with 80-85% for deadlifts for drilling in form and any new cues. But I’m sure you have an idea of what works well for you at this point in that regard.


I’m going to give that a shot speading the floor with the whole foot I can see how only on the heel will throw me off. I’ll be hitting it light and often since this doesn’t bother my back at all. But very slowly increasing the weight maybe about 20lbs a week. Pulling 3 times a week in the 20 rep range

Yeah I lose balance sometimes with anything under 250 lbs. I treat each rep like a Max lift, so our happens.

One of my buddies that pulls sumo pretty good told me my feet were pointed out to much of an angle. Went 45* fixed it. But aside from when I get tired I have a tendency to get unbalanced at the top but a few weeks of practice will fix that. Just did a paused set of 405x12 today. Had 14 maybe 15 but big risk of losing my balance so I didn’t push it