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Possible for E2 Elevated After Blast?

My e2 was at 72 on a sensitive test on a 62.5 mg of test twice a week that’s a super low dose

I did a blast of 750 mg of test,50 mg of dbol and never felt a difference I was on 25 mg of aromasin(I hear some don’t respond, my e2 was also through the roof on that blast) is it possible for my e2 could have just been elevated from the blast?


So how the hell was my e2 that high on a low dose


There’s like 50+ people in the T-replacement section that have similar E2 numbers and all of them are on 100-200mg. Hell my E2 before TRT was 48 with a total T of 575. Don’t worry about it. Get your TRT protocol to a point that you feel great and live your life. If you want to be miserable a great way to do it is to obsess over your estrogen levels (I say that from personal experience).