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Possible fat loss training?

I was reading in mens health (I know, I know) a article said that if u do light cardio between working sets of lifting that you burn more fat. In does make some sense since while u are lifting u use glycogen for energy, and according to the article, u burn mostly fat for energy…. I noticed this has a similar principle to german composition training…any thoughts?

tanker…I’m not sure I can get into the energetics and the like, so I’ll leave that to someone else. For specifics, maybe my Primate bro E-Man will jump in, as I know he threw something similar into his workouts. What I will say though is that the premise behind this would seem to increase metabolic activity and thus caloric expenditure (not certain if the energy would come from fat stores). I think a more productive method of increasing caloric expenditure between sets would be to stretch and flex the working muscles, which if done properly may very well lead to increased muscle size as well as density. Not only this, but it has the psychological advantage of providing a hella beautiful pump.