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Possible FAI Syndrome?

Been around the ringer for 2+ years on left hip pain at 90 degrees of flexion. I’ve tried chiros, orthos, pain mgmt docs, online coaching from tnation authors, and plenty of massage/ART. The usual diagnosis is hip bursitis. The only thing that’s worked has been cortisone shots. They work for a couple months. Even when they work they don’t work completely.

Anyway, I just heard about femoroacetabular impingement and that the symptoms can sometimes be mistaken for hip / trochanteric bursitis. I’ve scheduled an appointment with a doctor who specializes in it, but it’s a way’s out.

In the meantime I figured I’d post my x-rays here and see if I should even get my hopes up. I also have mri’s I could post as well if anyone thinks that’d be worth wall.

Much thanks to anyone who responds.

Honestly, from your X-Rays I don’t see any pincer impingement. Maybe some CAM, but it’s very difficult for me to tell as it’s been awhile since I’ve looked around at comparison photos online. FAI is a bitch, and yes there are multiple docs who are not very familiar with it. Go see your doc, let him better look at you.

If you do turn out to have FAI, I made a thread a while back called “19 with FAI”. Basically has some of my story and a few guys chiming in. Might be useful for you information wise, especially if you decide to have surgery.

thanks fisch

hey man, all I can say is work the glutes hard, but if you’ve already consulted with some T-Nation authors, they’ve probablby already gotten you doing that.

Best of luck