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Possible Disc Injury


So I've been having lower back pain while squatting and deadlifting. Yesterday I visited a physical medicine practitioner and he suspects that I have a disc problem on the L5-S1 joint that is worsened by any kind of back bending, just like proper back position during squatting and deadlifting. I scheduled an MRI but until then I don't know if the disc problem is the cause of the pain.

Anyhow my question is what leg exercises should I do, I only have access to barbells and dumbbells so are lunges and step ups my only options until I recover?


How do glute bridges feel? I would avoid exercises that put you in a position where you could go into loaded spinal flexion (squats, deadlifts, etc).

Until you get your MRI results, I would stick to some basic exercises that keep your back relatively neutral (lunges, step ups), some glute specific activity exercises, and address your lumbar stability and hip/thoracic mobility as needed.