Possible Cyst / Infection?

Hey guys, I’ve done 3 cycles of Test E 250 and 3 cycles of Test E 300 through the years and have never had any issues. I am by the book if not beyond it when it comes to sterile injection procedure. I almost always inject in the shoulder muscle per my doctor’s instruction which I also did my homework online to ensure the proper location and needle size. I use an 18 gauge to draw from the vial and a 25 gauge 1" to inject. About 4 days ago I injected Test E 400 from a very well reviewed and trusted source, also a friend is using the same exact product at the same time. I warmed the bottle of Test in some warm water prior to filling the syringe and then I inserted the needle, aspirated and proceeded to inject 1ml into my shoulder. Now sometimes when I remove the needle a small amount of oil will come out of the injection site which I blot with an alcohol wipe and it clots and done.

This time, when I withdrew the needle, a small amount of yellow fluid came out of the injection site and I immediately put an alcohol wipe up to it and it burned like fire!! The site became slightly swelled almost immediately as well. Now 4 days later, I still have slight pain in the spot and it is still swollen and feels like a knotted muscle. I attached an image of my shoulder as well. I have never seen yellow fluid come out of an injection site like that and it worries me of course. I do not feel ill and the site is not super hot and red like when I had too much BH which happened once before. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. If you need more info or photos please let me know.

Here is one more pic close up to show the site. I have pressed on it as well and does not leave an indention. It is pretty tight, not like a rock but more like a balled up muscle. This is a common injection site for me as well.

Probably from the high BA or it might be a reaction to the oil carrier. Take some ibuprofen and keep and eye on it.

Thanks BUDs for the response. I’m hoping that is all it is myself. The thing that really got me though was the yellow fluid that came out of the injection site when I pulled the pin out. And I’m telling you when the alcohol wipe hit it, it burned like hell fire!! I will follow your direction with the ibuprofen to see if the swelling goes down. Thanks again.