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Possible Cycle


Was hoping to get some insight into my next proposed cycle:

Previous usage of test (various ester lengths), winny, and deca.

Proposed Cycle - tren-e (no ace available), dbol, test-e.

Years Training - 15

Recomposition at a higher bodyweight

W1-4: Test-E - 250mg (considering going up to 750mg/wk total, have enough to run more) E3D, Dbol - 30mg/day spaced out to 3 doses of 10mg 3x per day.
W3-11: Add in Tren-e - 100mg E3D (variable - have enough to run more)
W14: Test taper, PCT

Input/advice would be appreciated, in particular on the test/tren ratios as it relates to stated goals.



Can you retype your cycle plan a bit clearer.

Its easy to read when written in the sticky I wrote.

You can also do a search on test/tren ratios. There are quite a few threads with different ideas.


Week 1-16: Test-E (250 mg E3D)
Week 1-4: Dbol 30mg/day - 3 dosages of 10 mg
Week 3-12: Tren-E (100mg E3D)
Week 2-12: Letrozole (.25 mg ever day)

PCT: Test Taper as outlined in sticky by furious george, also running nolva (.5mg/day for 2 weeks)

I've seen 2:1 test:tren ratio and seen 1:1 test:tren for slightly less sides. Biggest concern for me is loss of libido and not being able to get it up.

For goals, again strength is my primary concern, while recomping at a slightly higher weight would also be great.

Thanks again for the help, hope that's easier to read.


seems pretty basic.

the dbol would be better utilized IMO half hour to an hour before hitting the weights

I have always used tren at a 2:1 ratio of test/tren had good results but had night sweats and insomnia which during a cycle I would take things that helped me sleep

after being convinced I should run the tren at 2:1 with test and see what I thought it was much "easier" the results were what I expected from a tren cycle but I had no noticeable sides besides a couple nights where I used some benadryl to sleep through the night

IMO a taper pct does not work as well as a standard chemical pct.
I know I tend to feel ran down during a taper,its harder for some to recover when there is any amount of exo test being injected.
I run a standard sarm like nolva but I also like to run an ai along with it.
again purely my opinion.

and why only .5 (half of a mg) of nolva standard used dose is around 20mg or so


I've decided to drop the dbol - worried about making weight for a meet and prefer to stay in my current weight class which I'm already heavy in.

With that I'm contemplating doing the following:

Test E: Wks 1-15 300mg E3D
Tren E: Wks 3-11 150mg E3D

I have both arimadex and letro and was planning on taking some B6 (I know I know caber would be better but I can't find any).

I figured arimadex at .5 ml EOD and go to letro if needed.

PCT would be test taper and nolva.



start the adex at .25mg eod and increase if necessary. You need some estrogen and dont want to knock it down too low.