Possible Cycle Problems

Hi guys, just after some clarification if I may.

About 5-6 days into my cycle I’ve started getting sore nipples. Not itchy as I thought might happen, but sore to touch. They’ve always been sensitive but never like this.

I shot 500mg (T Cyp) to frontload, 250mg 3.5days later, and a couple of days after this second shot I’ve got sore nipples.

Is this normal? Or did my woman just get a tad rough…
From research I expected to ‘maybe’ get some itchiness around week 4-5 onwards, but not this early.

Also, I’m cramping up a lot as well. My water intake has dropped a little, but I wouldn’t have thought enough to cause the cramps I’m getting.
Is this another side effect of the gear?


Please tell me you’re taking proper ancillaries? (eg anti-E’s)

If your that prone to gyno either take 10 mgs nolva daily throughout your cycle or 2.5 mgs femerra EOD .

5-6 days seems damn short, and so far only 750mg…

grappler, I doubt there’s much need for ancillaries this early. Since testosterone levels aren’t very high yet, estrogen shouldn’t be very high either. I just started a cycle on Monday, and I’m not even feeling the test yet.

I doubt it’s from the test, but heck, weird things happen…

Hey guys,

grappler - yep, got about 5grams of nolva, so it’s all covered.

Gerry - my nolva is in 20mg caps. I’ve heard of some guys taking 10mg and 20mg daily under these circumstances, so I think I’ll start with 20mg for a few days and see how I go. I’ll just listen to my body and alter dosage accordingly.

lmjudek - agreed, I didn’t think there’d be a need for nolva this early in my cycle. Although I think for safety’s sake, I should assume I may have a genetic predisposition to it as Gerry said, and take some nolva as a precaution.

Of course it may do nothing… like you said, wierd things happen.