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Possible Contamination Question

Hey guys, just a quick question here.

So a few weeks ago when I was doing my Test E shot, I didn’t quite get all of the liquid pushed through IM and there was still some left in the syringe, and some that leaked out, so I had put the syringe that had already been in quad (thigh) back in to the Test E vial to draw a bit more in the syringe and then finished the injection off in the other quad. So, my question is, did I contaminate the rest of that Test E vial now? I always use Alcohol swabs and everything and I am the only one that uses the Test E obviously, but was this dangerous?

I hope this is not the reason why my last shot that I am now getting flushed everyday and have high BP, and tachycardia, and headaches everyday. Everything was fine until my last shot of Test E, and now these symptoms.

I went to the hospital last night to rule out elevated RBC and got some regular labs done and all my bloodwork was immaculate.

The only thing I can think of that is causing these symptoms is too much testosterone being converted to E2. And I am not taking anything for E2. If I got a script for 0.25mg arimidex, will these symptoms vanish?

More of a question for your pharmacist. Personally Id toss it and get a new one.

Regarding your last questions, get blood work done and go from there.

Yes contaminated. But every needle going through your skin is contaminated. Alcohol cleans off surface debris and does not create a sterile field. Your T probably has 0.9% benzyl alcohol that prevent bacterial growth and will kill introduced bacteria in a few hours.

You might be having panic attacks because of fear.

You can put vial in a steamer to pasteurize as well.

If you ask a pharmacist he will hear lawyers talking.

I used to fill 0.5ml syringes to .54 or such and inject three times, swabing and recapping in between. No problems.

Sorry to here that you are so distressed. I do not know what hoops there would be if you turned in a vial and asked for a loss replacement. Schedule III drug shit…