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Possible Cancer Cure from Edmonton


My buddy mentioned how some scientists(I presume) may have stumbled upon a cure for "lung, breast, and brain cancer" in Edmonton, but that pharmaceutical companies want nothing to do with it because it's simple and can't be patented, ie no money for them. Shitty world, eh?.



Pretty soon they will lose all funding, you watch.


Cancer is a multi-billion dollar business. Why would they want a cure?



I'm not sure I buy it. Theres obviously not a lot of financial motivation for big pharmacy to investigate this further. But theres been quite a few of these supposed miracle cures that often make things worse.


I read the report written up by this research team and they said they have found some thing which has suppressed tumour growth in rats and they are trying to get a clinical trial if I remember correctly. Nothing to get excited about there have been HUNDREDS of treatments that have worked this well in rats or isolated cells and failed in clinical trials due to how the drug is metabolized or other factors. If you watch any interviews with the guys they do not make any claims to have cured anything, this is just the media sensationalizing a story to try and move papers.

Edit: http://www.maniacworld.com/cure-for-cancer.html they interview one of the members of the research team in this video who gives a much more accurate representation of what this chemical is than the article above or the reporter freaking out at the start of the video.


When my mother was dying of cancer we looked into this and you'll find the potential side effects can be quite nasty, not to mention that affecting isolated cells in vitro or even in animals is a whole hell of a lot different than making it work in vivo.


hell, vegans say megadosing vitamin C will beat the crap out of cancer
that damn food matters movie pisses me off about me eating meat but hell i know veggies do rock


A lot of problems with cancer treatments is that the human body metabolises the key compounds in a way that means its simply excreted as a waste product.

Essentially the human body's too good at getting rid of anything 'toxic'.


interesting enough those with total cholesterol below 190 are at increased risk of cancer. Below 160 and the risk goes way up.

Keep takin those statins America


is glenn beck for real? I cant believe hes touting this as a miracle cure for cancer because it worked in rats.

On a side note, I think the future of cancer research will come from tumor targeting nanoparticles, something (gasp) pharma can make money from


As much as I had hope it were true I don't think it's clear. A simple internet search shows a lot.



Cause I'm way below that. What's the study?


This is a problem that I notice a lot. Most folks will not do adequate research. Instead they repeat what they've heard. And unfortunately what they've heard is not always 100% correct. I go by "Trust but verify". I did a quick internet search and found a lot of data.

Here's a study thats show lowering cholesterol lowers risk of prostate cancer:

Here's one that shows higher levels of HDL lowers the risk of lower bowel cancer:

Here's one that shows that taking statin may increase the risk of cancer:

Here's the study that everyone is talking about in this thread. More research is required.

Personally, I won't take statins. I recently changed MY GP because my last doctor was all about total cholesterol and nothing else. We'd argue. In the end, I realized he wasn't going to change. The last blood test I had a total cholesterol of 237 and an HDL was 97. My VLDL was normal.

I eat clean. I exercise 6 days a week. And I focus on reducing stress in my life. In short, I'm not changing a thing...yet. :slight_smile:

Our bodies are complex ecosystems. A good cholesterol level for one person may not be so good for another person. As far as I can tell there is no simple rule. Figure out what's right for your ecosystem and you'll be ahead of the game.


So you are saying we actually can cure cancer?

In rats?


We have loads of treatments that reduce tumour growth in rats that didn't cut it during clinical trials. If you google a bit you can find dozens of them.