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Possible Arthritis in My Hand

Its been about two months now. Everytime I wake up my index finger on my right hand hurts. Its the middle joint. It feels swollen and really tight. If I try to bend it too much, it hurts. After about an hour or two…it goes away. Any thoughts? Anything I can do to help it? It sucks because I can’t grip anything early in the morning. Thats when I like to workout.

Take a lot fish oil, it helps with inflammation. Then advil if it gets worse. Im no doctor, and I dont know how long or often you workout but thats what I’d use IMO. It may not be arthrits, you could just have bad wrist strength, you may be doing something wrong in your workouts.

If the problem gets worse,get xrays, or an MRI or something.

arthritis (joint inflammation)… from what I know- doesn’t hit a single small joint like yours. If it were arthritis it would be felt in the whole finger and most likely the other fingers as well. It sounds like you jammed it or bruised it somehow- without your knowledge - it would seem. Arthritis from overuse would take a long time and again would affect not just that small joint -which is surrounded by many other joints.

Put a splint on it and use lifts that don’t require any gripping from that hand for a few days. Also put ice on it- a few minutes on and a few minutes off intermittently . If the pain doesn’t go away - or goes away for a short period of time and comes back- see your doctor.

Do you sleep on it?

I frequently sleep on my hand/shoulder/arm with bizarre neck position. Sometimes that’ll make me stiff. Perhaps you do the same, but with more accuracy and a smaller target.