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Possible ART??

My mother has problems with the sciatic nerve in her lower back, due to having children. Anyways, she has had pain in her back b/c of this for a long time and I was considering buying her a session of ART for Christmas. I was wondering if anyone knew if ART was effective for treating this kind of thing. Thanx in advance.

I don’t know about ART for sciatica, but I do know that chiropractic works wonders on it. I’ve had sciatic nerve problems in my back off and on for years, and each time the chiropractor was able to fix it.

One day I tried a new chiropractor / applied kinesiologist who fixed it for good. He told me to remove my wallet from my back pocket and put it in my side pocket. Once I stopped sitting on my wallet, my back problems went away. Haven’t had sciatic nerve problems in 10 years after that bit of advice.

ART has done wonders for me, and because you are seeing a chiropractor and ART person in one you get the best of both worlds. even if they can’t relieve all of the pain, i’m sure they can help. if you can afford it, get 3 sessions, one probably won’t be enough.